East Rand Cranes, established in 1993, specialises in all forms of material handling. We design, manufacture and install new cranes. We have 30 fully equipped service teams on call 24 hours a day, providing a full on-site installation, service and repair service. We provide service and repair for all makes of electric overhead cranes, electric rope hoists, electric chain hoists, mechanical chain blocks, and lever blocks.

Single girder / double girder cranes

East Rand Cranes manufactures cranes with spans of up to 26m and capacities up to 50t. Both single girder and double girder cranes are available. We also have fabrication facilities for overhead, jib cranes, a-frames and spreader beams. Our team has over 200 years of collective experience.

Crane maintenance and repair

East Rand Cranes is a specialist in crane maintenance and repairs for all makes. All of our service personnel are registered as lifting machine inspectors (LMIs). We establish the duty cycle of cranes in order to determine the service frequency, and we supply detailed report and recommendations after service. Our service capabilities extend to all makes of overhead cranes.

Crane refurbishment

East Rand Cranes provides refurbishment services for old cranes, and can also handle the replacement of hoists and carriages and the modernisation of electrics. We handle the modification and refurbishment of electric overhead travelling cranes, electric rope hoists and chain hoists.

East Rand Cranes designs, manufactures and installs new cranes.
East Rand Cranes provides crane maintenance, repair and refurbishment services.
We provide training on cranes and lifting equipment.
Our electric rope hoists have a very robust construction and are CE-rated.
East Rand Cranes' electric chain hoists are compact and robust.

Lifting equipment load testing

East Rand Cranes can provide load testing on all lifting equipment. We offer waterbag testing up to 300t and solid weight testing up to 50t. Certificates are issued on-site after testing; there is no waiting period.

Training on cranes and lifting equipment

East Rand Cranes is an approved training body, certified by TETA and ISO 9001/2008. We have eight assessors and one moderator for overhead cranes codes 30/31 and forklifts code F01-04. Full training is provided on safe lifting practice, on overhead cranes, forklifts and truck-mounted cranes.

Assessments can be provided on incident and accident investigations, and third-party auditing on lifting tackle is also available. We can carry out pre-employment assessments on drivers of lifting equipment. External moderation is available to moderate assessments; we provide 100% moderation on all assessments.

Electric rope hoists

East Rand Cranes’ product range includes electric rope hoists such as:

  • XM Series Type 3
  • XM Series Type 53
  • XM Series Type 83

These electric rope hoists have a very robust construction and are CE-rated. Lifting speeds range from 2.5m/min to 12m/min and capacities are between 1,000kg and 10,000kg.

Electric chain hoists

East Rand Cranes’ electric chain hoists are compact and robust. They feature IP55 protection, which protects against dust, and are available single or dual speed. Capacities are between 1,000kg and 5,000kg. The duty cycle for single speed is 40% and 10%-30% for dual speed hoists. The range includes:

  • W Series Type CE
  • W Series Type CM
  • WR Series Type CE
  • WR Series Type CS

Radio remote controls for cranes

East Rand Cranes is the appointed agent for HBC-radiomatic’s extensive range of radio remote controls for cranes and lifting equipment.