IBAU lead

For more than 20 years IBAU HAMBURG has been supplying installations and components for the ash removal, transfer, storage and conveying of dry products utilised in power plants and their desulphurisation plants, including fly ash, pulverised limestone, burnt lime, hydrated lime, gypsum and FGD product. Our scope of supply not only includes the engineering and supply of plant components but also extends to turnkey plants.

Ash removal systems and components for power plants

IBAU HAMBURG not only supplies systems and components for power plants but also complete customised solutions for handling fly ash, pulverised limestone, burnt lime, hydrated lime, gypsum and FGD products.

Fly ash handling

IBAU HAMBURG provides fly ash handling in conventional coal-fired power plants with circulating fluidised bed technology (CFB).

Pulverised limestone, burnt lime, hydrated lime and gypsum handling

We offer pulverised limestone, burnt lime, hydrated lime and gypsum handling systems for wet flue gas cleaning (wet FGD) and dry flue gas cleaning (dry FGD) processes.

Illustration of ESP ash removal and ash storage silos.
Coal-fired power plant, Mehrum / Germany.
IBAU central cone silo of 25,000m³ at Mehrum power plant.
IBAU low-pressure conveying system for FGD products.
Conveying air control unit for rail car pressure vessel discharge.
Limestone silo for EnBW Karlsruhe, Germany.
IBAU Ship loader for fly-ash, built for RWE in Eemshaven, the Netherlands.
Rail wagon loading system for fly-ash.
Truck loading system for fly-ash, built for RWE Hamm, Germany.

Turnkey ash removal systems

We supply turnkey ash removal systems starting from filter discharge to the loading of fly ash, designed according to the customer’s specifications.

Pneumatic conveying installations

IBAU HAMBURG provides amongst others the following pneumatic conveying installations:

  • Fluidslides
  • Pressure vessels
  • Screw pumps
  • Low-pressure systems
  • Jet conveyors
  • IBAU F-pipe

Silo, storage and loading technology

We provide silo, storage and loading technology for the following:

  • IBAU large-capacity storage silos
  • Steel silos with aerated bottom
  • Loading systems for pressure vessel trucks and railcars
  • Pressure vessel truck and railcars discharge
  • Ship loaders and unloaders

Fly ash processing / homogenisation

Within fly ash processing, IBAU HAMBURG offers homogenisation with mechanical mixers, pneumatic homogenisation technology and classification technology.

Pneumatic bulk-material handling systems

IBAU HAMBURG supplies pneumatic bulk-material handling systems for modern power plants with coal-fired boilers. Generally, the bulk goods handled are fly ash and dry products from flue gas cleaning systems.

The different types of pulverised absorbent for flue gas treatment, the dry FGD product, and of course, fly ash are conveyed and stored by means of IBAU equipment.

The scope of supply ranges from fly-ash conveying systems of electrostatic precipitators, using IBAU jet conveyors, IBAU fluidslides, IBAU F-pipe and IBAU screw pumps up to storage systems including silos and bins.