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Ash Handling for Power Plants

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Kopar is a leading manufacturer of ash handling systems for the power industry. The company has many years of experience, many references all over the world and is specialised in pneumatic conveying of ash. Kopar is able to offer flexible solutions in assessing the need of the individual customer.

In addition to the conveying systems for handling of ash, lime and sand, Kopar has a vast variety of other solutions suitable for power plants. It includes equipment for storage, screening, dosing and dust removal. Kopar equipment is already used in a variety of power generation facilities, from nuclear power plants to bio energy installations.

Pneumatic conveying for dry ash

Pneumatic conveying is one of the most efficient and economical ways of handling dry ash. As far as Kopar is concerned, the systems are based on the dry ash principle, which offers an effective solution to environmental problems in handling of fly ash.

There are several features that make Kopar ash handling systems reliable and trouble-free. Foremost it is the result of automation and the non-clogging principle. Kopar equipment is truly factory and field-tested and consequently, they establish a reliable frame of reference.

The reliability of Kopar ash handling equipment is based on the following factors:

  • The non-clogging feature ensures disturbance-free operation
  • Long distances can be handled reliably; Kopar deliveries include distances up to 1,000m (3,350f)
  • Low velocity and wear-resistant materials result in a long lifetime
  • Easy operation and full automation due to the integration with plant’s DSC system
  • Kopar systems meet the needs of the most demanding clients and offer easy integration with existing processes
  • Special ceramic coatings reducing the need for spare parts thus lengthening the system’s lifetime
  • Less maintenance and lower costs due to a minimal number of moving parts

Drag chain conveyors for powdered and dusty materials

For transportation of various types of powdered and dusty materials, Kopar offers a range of heavy-duty drag chain conveyors. They are suitable to transport ash, lime and solid fuels. The key is the continuous and efficient material flow, which ensures high availability and first-class profitability.

Kopar forged conveyor chain is especially suitable when the material is very abrasive or when the working conditions are very hot (up to 600°C; 1112°F). Kopar drag chains are usually made of case-hardened steel (20MnCr5) or tempering steel (27MnCrB5), also known as boron steel. In special cases links and pins are made of hardened stainless-steel or heat resistant steel.

There are three main flight types of drag chains: T-flight chain is suitable for horizontal conveying and up to conveyor width of 630mm (2ft 1in); P-flight chain is used in inclining or vertical conveyors up to the grade of 90°; I-flight chain is a double strand chain, which is used in wide conveyors (500mm to 1,200mm; 1ft 8in to 3ft 11in).

Crushers and bucket elevators for power and utility plants

Further Kopar products include crushers and bucket elevators.

There are two types of crushers, rotor crushers and roller crushers that process cloddy or lumpy materials in order to make them more suitable for conveying. The capacity can be up to 30tph, and when placed consecutively, they process the material from 300mm (1ft) down to final product size of 5mm x 5mm (0.20in x 0.20in).

There are two types of Kopar bucket elevators, either belt or chain elevators. They efficiently transport the materials from ground up to the silo. Belt elevators are mostly used in this type of processes but when the material is hot, chain elevators are the right machines.

New Cooling Screw for Ash Handling

Over the years Kopar has become a major supplier and expert of ash handling system for power plants. Particularly plants that use coal or peat as the prime energy source need efficient systems to handle ash in ways that are fast, reliable and cost-effective.

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