Portasilo 60

Portasilo is celebrating 60 years at the forefront of the UK’s bulk storage and handling industry. Six decades of innovation have enabled the York-based company to buck the trend in UK manufacturing, sustaining continued growth and winning major contracts worldwide.

The Portasilo success story is one of incremental growth, continuous investment and sector diversification. The business has evolved and adapted to match the changing fortunes of the industries it serves, while remaining true to its core offer of market-leading storage and handling systems for every type of dry bulk material.

Innovation from day one

The company started out in 1953 with the launch of a lightweight silo for storing and handling cement on building sites. This initial design was soon adapted for use in other industries.

As the company’s expertise developed, it was able to design systems to handle ever more challenging materials, including extremely cohesive, fibrous and volatile products. The company now leads the market in the design and manufacture of storage and handling systems for the most difficult, dangerous and costly to handle materials.