When down-time is critical you don’t want to take any chances with your rack and pinion equipment supplier. You need an experienced partner who understands your problems and who is prepared to work with you to maximise your uptime.

Scanclimber has a worldwide reputation for providing strong, durable and reliable rack and pinion hoists, elevators and mast climbing work platforms used both above and below ground in the most challenging of environments. Combined with record-holding industry achievements Scanclimber excels in innovative and versatile products. Minimal cost of ownership is a key driver in our designs and construction.

Personnel and material hoists, lifts and elevators for the power industry

Scanclimber produces a standard range of rack and pinion personnel and material elevators and hoists up to 3200kg (7000lbs) and lifting speeds of 54m/min (160ft/min) in a variety of cage dimensions that can meet the majority of demands of the industry for plant shut-downs as well as permanent installations. However, if you need something a little different then Scanclimber can provide custom-made rack and pinion equipment to your specification.

Rack and pinion hoists and mast climbing work platforms

Scanclimber rack and pinion hoists and mast climbing work platforms have built their reputation on safety and we can supply to all relevant standards or requirements of the client. High-quality steels are used on all critical structural components. Industry state-of-the-art electrical motors, gearboxes and control gear used throughout combined with a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated workforce all provide a product which excels in a brutal industry.

Scanclimber construction hoist used as a special cooling tower hoist to 170m (550ft) at a power plant. The key requirement was that the hoist would adapt to the constantly changing inclination.
Scanclimber has revolutionised the assembly of wind energy facilities through its special construction for mast climbing platforms. The platform adapts to the changing diameter of the tower during its construction.
Scanclimber industrial hoist installed inside a chimney for vertical transportation of persons and materials.
Scanclimber rack-and-pinion industrial hoists work in all kinds of industrial applications.
Wherever you are an efficient and reliable Scanclimber after-sales service is guaranteed worldwide.

We use Vertex CAD and product data management (PDM) systems and a SAP (enterprise resource planning) system. Scanclimber has EN ISO 9000:2000 quality certification.

Applications for rack and pinion hoists, elevators and mast climbing work platforms

Scanclimber rack and pinion hoists, elevators and mast climbing work platforms are already applicable to:

  • Boilers, internal and external access
  • Equipment enclosures to any profile
  • Chimneys – construction, inspection, repair and demolition
  • Pylons – erection and inspection
  • Transfer towers
  • Tank farms – erection and maintenance, internally as well as externally
  • Flare towers
  • Crusher buildings
  • Silos – individual or multiple installations for all materials
  • Precipitators and cracker towers
  • Cooling towers, construction, inspection and maintenance at any angle
  • Wind turbines both onshore and offshore – erection and inspection, internal access

After-sales services for rack and pinion hoists, elevators and mast climbing work platforms

Scanclimber rack and pinion hoists, elevators and mast climbing work platforms can be installed in existing locations as well as in new facilities, providing immediate benefits of improved efficiency as well as reliability and reduced downtime. Our practical designs allow for easy maintenance and recognise the difficult working conditions often found in the power industry, thus providing minimum downtime.

Scanclimber after-sales specialists offer a wide range of services to meet clients’ requirements throughout the lifetime of their rack and pinion equipment. Whether it is for erection, maintenance, statutory inspections, repair or full refurbishment, service contracts are available, as well as short-term rental equipment to meet your shut-down demands.

Rack and pinion vertical access systems

Scanclimber is a leading access manufacturer of all vertical access systems and equipment that uses rack and pinion technology. Offering a wide range of personnel and material hoists, mast climbing work platforms, permanent industrial hoists or elevators, Scanclimber can provide all such equipment – as an alternative for traditional scaffolding.