Schenck Process UK, which incorporates Clyde Process, have introduced a new brochure which provides full details of their Original Dome Valve® product range.

The brochure shows the wide range of industry applications for the Dome Valve that can be installed as part of a pneumatic conveying system or as a stand-alone product. The Dome Valve was invented by Clyde Process in 1974 and is reputably the most effective fast closing, bulk material handling valve in the world.

The simple and effective design of the Dome Valve ensures that it can cut through moving or static columns of material and is available in sizes with outlets from 50mm to 750mm and can handle material temperatures from -20°C to +480°C. The Dome Valve is available in a number of finishes to the dome to be suitable abrasive, corrosive, sticky or wet materials and also a range of specialist water cooled options for handling high temperature materials over 200oC.

The Schenck Process Dome Valve is extremely reliable and durable and can operate up to 3,000,000 cycles between major overhauls with most materials/applications. The products are manufactured in accordance with European Pressure Vessel Directive 97/23/EC and International Standards and designs can be provided for pressures up to 35 bar and to ATEX Group II Cat 3D requirements, if required.

The combined worldwide experience and expertise of Clyde Process and Schenck Process enables clients to have high system availability, greater process control and the flexibility to integrate with existing and emerging technologies. Copies of the new brochure are available as a download from or by calling 01302 321313