Schenck Process has created a new Mechanical Conveying brochure that illustrates the large number of product options that the company can offer the Metals and Mineral industries.

All of the products are designed for high capacity load requirements and with extensive industry experience Schenck Process are able to provide systems and process flows that increase the efficiency of bulk materials handing operations.

The range of mechanical conveying options that Schenck Process are able to provide include En-Masse Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Tube Belt Conveyors, En-Masse Chain Elevators, Belt Bucket Elevators and Chain Bucket Elevators. The range of conveyors incorporate Redler® machines that are part of the choice of Schenck Process technologies available.

The range of mechanical conveying options each have advantages depending upon the materials and the distances that are required to be conveyed.

Schenck Process’ expertise can help to select the best method for the transportation of a wide range of materials including Granular Coal / Raw Lump Coal, Ground Minerals, Limestone, Additives, Granulated Slag and Alternative Fuels.

With the comprehensive range of product options available Schenck Process are in a unique position to provide the most efficient and effective mechanical conveying solution for a client’s needs.