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Wälischmiller Engineering

Remote Handling and Robotics for the Nuclear Industry

Wälischmiller Engineering provides remote handling solutions for applications in nuclear and petrochemical industries.

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Walischmiller Engineering

Wälischmiller Engineering provides remote handling solutions for applications in nuclear and petrochemical industries.

Master-slave manipulators for the power industry

The company’s handling systems offer various master-slave manipulators from the A100 and A200 series, remote-controlled power manipulators from the A1000 series for handling heavy loads, and the robotic system TELBOT®.

In difficult and challenging nuclear environments, Wälischmiller has demonstrated the ability to bring solutions and success to many high-radiation remediation challenges.

Telescopic master-slave manipulator for nuclear application

The telescopic master-slave manipulator A100 is used in the nuclear industry. It is installed in hot cells in research, waste treatment, vitrification and fuel production facilities all around the world.

The A100 is divided into the three parts, cold arm (master), through wall tube and hot arm (slave). Due to continuous development, driven partly by customer requirements and the use of the A100 in different environments, the A100 system has become one of the best-selling handling systems available on the market.

The A100 is available in an electrical version called electrical master-slave manipulator A100S. The drive unit is equipped with servo motors and can be mounted directly on the slave arm or on the through-wall tube. The A100S is controlled via an operating panel with two joysticks or via the JOYARM.

The main advantages are that the operator can work in a secure area when there is no window available. The easy connection / disconnection of the system greatly reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Articulated master-slave manipulators for handling hazardous substances

The articulated master-slave manipulator A200 consists of a master arm and a slave arm linked by a through-wall tube. The transfer of motion is entirely mechanical. The slave arm carries out the movement directly and simultaneously via the master arm.

The A200 is simply constructed and therefore very robust. It is used for the remote handling of hazardous substances in nuclear medicine and the nuclear industry. The system fits perfectly in smaller cells and boxes.

Power manipulators for handling heavy loads

The power manipulator A1000 is a modular system for remote handling of heavy loads. In its standard version, the A1000 consists of a mobile bridge rolling on rails, a carriage rolling on the bridge, a telescope for vertical movement, a manipulator arm and accessories.

The fields of application of the A1000 are where humans cannot work and heavy duty tasks have to be performed. With its comfortable remote operation, its efficient movements, its radiation resistance and its design as a self-contained unit with electrical drives the A1000 is the number one choice for use in radioactive environments.

The A1000 series is available in different versions, e.g. on a hoist bridge, as a floor manipulator or on a V1000. The V1000 is a fully remote-controlled handling vehicle. Offering a modular conception that can be equipped with a large number of track systems and handling arms. The vehicle is able to operate inside and outside, climb stairs, drive up and down slopes and all this on almost every surface.

The robotic arm A1000S is the result of the adaptation of the standard A1000 with integration of a control system in a Cartesian coordinate frame with six degrees of freedom (DOF). The six DOF of the A1000S arm feature user-friendly control systems including the Wälischmiller Engineering GoTo-Mode, a teach and playback system, especially developed for remote-operation robots.

Robotic operating systems

The robot TELBOT is a multi-functional, modular and automatic system with unique capabilities, which include unlimited, fast and precise movements. The motors and gears are located in a base behind the arm. Movements are effected by concentric tubes inside the arm-link and concentric bevel gears inside the joints. Consequently, there is no wiring either inside or outside the robotic arm and all axes can rotate freely.

The components of the TELBOT have been carefully selected to resist adverse environments such as those in the nuclear or oil and gas industries. The smooth and sealed arm parts facilitate decontamination of the manipulator. Sleek construction and high dexterity enable the TELBOT to access confined spaces. The TELBOT is the only worldwide robot for use in highly explosive environments which has been certified ATEX category one, zone zero.

The JOYARM is a universal operating device for all kinds of multi-axis robots and especially the TELBOT. It combines precise axis by axis control via JOYstick and intuitive control, like provided by a masterARM. The JOYARM is equipped with force feedback to its six degrees of freedom. To make the work easier it is equipped with the GoTo mode.

This mode is a ‘teach and playback method’ for manipulators. The manipulator can be taught predefined combinations of movements which can be performed as often as needed. It is useful for repetitive processes.

The TELBOT can also be operated via the master-arm, which has force feedback to its seven degrees of freedom. The operator feels feedback on the master-arm for events on the manipulator. Ease-of-use, free movement and intuitive operation are the main characteristics of the master-arm.

Remote Handling and Robotics Solutions

Wälischmiller Engineering is a specialist manufacturer of remote-handling and robotics solutions for over 60 years for environments that are inaccessible to humans.

ICOND 2021

Tenth international conference on nuclear decommissioning.


HOTLAB 2021 is the 57th edition of the 'Annual meeting on Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling'.

Robotic Arm for Power Manipulator

The robotic arm A1000S is a programmable manipulator. It comes with 6-degrees of freedom and a Cartesian power function.

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