At Advituro, we analyse the vibration data and process it.

There are many ways to set up a vibration system for your critical assets. Most choices are cost-driven. This leads to a minimum amount of vibration sensors and a vibration protection system without analysing possibilities.

In this case, you know very little about the cause of a shutdown. When looking at the revenue over the complete lifetime of your critical assets, you might come to a different solution.

For example, you might consider additional vibration sensors, a vibration monitoring system with smart trip logics, advanced vibration analysis capability for analysis of historical data and live data or hiring vibration experts with proven experience and
certified ISO 18436-2 Category 3/4.

If a decision has been made in response to costs, then the asset will trip when a trip level has been triggered. What do you do?

There is no historical data to look back into. This means when an expert is called, they
need to install an advanced vibration measurement system and the asset has to be started again. In the worst-case scenario, more consequential damage will occur.

We provide services from sensor to solution, including:

  • Placing the right type of vibration sensors, according to the ISO 20816-2
  • Using a protection system and an advance vibration analysis systems
  • Storing vibration data
  • Data analysis by the vibration expert on a regular basis (monthly)
  • Analysing process data
  • Using remote vibration monitoring so that operators can have a vibration expert nearby at any time
  • Calibrating vibration sensors every two years or at overhaul intervals