For over 50 years, AeroAcoustic has been a leader in providing specialized noise abatement and other equipment for the power-generation industry, including silencers, acoustic enclosures, filter louvers and dampers. We provide high-quality components that meet your requirements, deadlines and budget constraints.

AeroAcoustic is ISO 9001:2000 certified in design and engineering and manufacturing. Our ISO certification assures that high quality standards will be maintained throughout all levels of all projects.

Silencers, acoustic enclosures, filter louvers and dampers

Silencers, acoustic enclosures, filter louvers and dampers are a small portion of a project’s overall budget, but the effort required to define which should be incorporated may burden the engineering staff responsible for the overall design.

AeroAcoustic will discuss the basic requirements of these products and provide a correct solution for any situation, thus providing extensive cost and time savings.

AeroAcoustic supplies weather deflectors, safing kits, rainhoods and other auxiliary components individually or in conjunction with our custom enclosures.
Exhaust treatments are designed and supplied to accommodate high flow rates while meeting acoustic targets and minimizing backpressure.
Volume control, CO2 containment and back-draft dampers are provided with 10ga frames and 12ga blades, up to 60in wide by 120in high as standard.
Skid mounted, pre-assembled and unassembled enclosures are provided to meet nearly any customer requirement.
Custom ducting is offered to provide airflow between compartments and various components in accordance with project specifications.

Auxiliary noise control and airflow components

AeroAcoustic provides acoustic products to meet all aspects of airflow and noise-suppression requirements for power-generation facilities. AeroAcoustic fabricates custom weather deflectors, special compartment silencers, filter/louver assemblies and many other items to fulfill customer needs.

Noise-reduction systems for installation exhausts

Noise reduction is nearly always required at the exhaust of any installation. AeroAcoustic will provide the best treatment, balancing overall size, pressure drop and required noise attenuation. Our design group uses 3D drafting tools to model the equipment provided.

In cases where an exhaust stack may be plagued with interferences, we can provide visualizations of potential clearance issues to confirm designs before problems are found in the field.

Turnkey packages for discharge silencing equipment

In situations where a design has not been finalized, we can offer turnkey solutions by providing a designed, engineered and manufactured package. Our engineering staff will help define the requirements of the discharge silencing equipment and will work to find the best solution.

Custom discharge silencing equipment

AeroAcoustic will manufacture silencers and other equipment as per customer specifications — without deviation and within the required time schedule — in cases where a careful design has been developed in advance. Additionally, AeroAcoustic provides materials and assistance when upgrading / retrofitting existing discharge silencing equipment.

For steam boiler systems, we offer a complete line of steam blow-off and blow-down silencers.

For steam turbine and gas turbine installations, we can supply diffuser baskets and turning vanes in conjunction with either cylindrical or parallel baffle discharge silencers. For both systems, discharge augmenters can be designed, engineered and manufactured to correspond with the initial discharge flow.

Heavy-duty dampers for power plants

Several different heavy-duty dampers are required to effectively control cooling air through the various compartments of a power-generation installation. In order to correctly balance the volume of air provided to various sections of the ducting system, the end user must rely on the performance specified by the damper manufacturer.

AeroAcoustic heavy-duty dampers for power plants are independently certified according to AMCA 500-D-98. Three standard configurations are provided: volume control (VC), CO2 trip (CO2) and back-draft (BD). Units are provided for vertical or horizontal installations as required.

Custom acoustic enclosures

AeroAcoustic acoustic enclosures range in size from small skid-mounted units to freestanding acoustic buildings. Factory penetrations are provided for ventilation and access requirements according to customer requirements. Detailed drawings are provided along with calculations to evaluate the structural requirements of the installation (such as seismic loads and wind loads).

In addition to sound abatement, acoustic enclosures often provide numerous safety functions. System specifications will typically include ventilation, access-provision, and lifting equipment. AeroAcoustic will account for these requirements and supply the necessary equipment (such as ducting, silencers, dampers and ladders) to fulfill the needs of the project.

Compartment ventilation ducting

Ducting can be supplied in any configuration necessary to meet your ventilation requirements. Round or rectangular ducting is provided with the necessary fittings and flanges to provide a complete ventilation system. Connections to silencers, dampers and other airflow control and monitoring equipment can be incorporated into a custom design to meet any customer requirement.

Platforms, ladders and safety rails for power plants

In order to provide a single source for the many components associated with power-generation installations, AeroAcoustic also supplies custom platforms, ladders and safety rails. Complete design services are also provided when required. These materials are fabricated to the same high standards as all other system components.

AeroAcoustic has a series of industrial fan silencers in a wide variety of sizes and capacities, which are compatible with popular-sized fans to reduce noise to required or legal levels. We can provide a full line of noise-control solutions.