GOWA-TT manufactures silencers for air intake systems and exhaust gas systems of gas turbines in power stations and other industrial applications.

Silencers for the power industry

GOWA-TT uses its own software solution for selecting and optimising silencers. The software is based on the theories of Professor Mechel.

The results of the software are proven by many different measurements taken in the laboratory.

The heart resp. main equipment is a 22m-long duct for non-scaled acoustic silencer measurements.

GOWA-TT uses specialsed software to find the best noise reduction solutions.
The company will send personnel to the client's site to assess the noise issues.
GOWA-TT manufactures a range of noise reduction products including silencers and intake ducts.

The company will use its laboratory and independent institutes if necessary.

Noise control products and filter houses

The company also designs and supplies noise control products according to the customer’s specification.

Products include filter houses featuring a weather hood, bird screen, anti-icing system, droplet catcher, blow-in doors and evaporative cooler.

The houses have a steel structure, walkways for inspections and filter changes, and a black box for pressure indication.

Any manufacturer’s filter elements can be installed using GOWA-TT-designed frames.

The design of steel structure and ducting, filter houses and steel stacks can be designed to comply with the local standards during final installation.

Intake ducts and exhaust gas diffusers

GOWA-TT manufactures intake ducts with acoustic insulation standard or double wall design, a supporting steel structure, and an optional steel duct with a flap or screen.

All silencers are based on GOWA-TT owned designs.

Intake ducts also feature an elbow optional with acoustic inner insulation or with turning vanes, intake plenum for gas turbine and expansion joints.

Exhaust gas diffusers and ducting from GOWA-TT come with a carbon steel, heat resistant or stainless-steel shell, outer or / and inner insulation up to 700°C, measuring ports and expansion joints.

Exhaust gas stacks and noise hoods

GOWA-TT gas stacks can be manufactured with a carbon steel, heat-resistant or stainless-steel shell.

The product comes with a silencer, measuring ports, expansion joint, ladders, platforms and aircraft warning lights, as well as a stack support structure.

Noise hoods from GOWA-TT come with a range of features, including:

  • Absorbing wall
  • Inner steel structure
  • Panel design for easy uninstallation and reinstallation
  • Different design for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Manual or electric-operated doors of all sizes
  • Forced ventilation system with silencers

The company will perform an evaluation of each acoustic situation.

Highly trained personnel carry out acoustic measurements on-site to assess major issues and to develop the best possible noise reduction solution.