Thermal and Acoustic Energy Solutions

3530 W. Garry Avenue, California, Santa Ana, 92704,Other, United States of America

3530 W. Garry Avenue, California, Santa Ana, 92704,Other, United States of America

InsulTech designs and manufactures engineered solutions related to the management of thermal and acoustical energy. Utilising a broad array of materials and design techniques, InsulTech is able to provide standard or customer-specific solutions for thermal blankets, wraps, and shielding as well as acoustical treatments for a broad range of applications. These solutions are provided quickly, and efficiently, with a level of fit and finish that allows InsulTech to stand out from its competition.

Thermal management systems for the power industry

As a provider of thermal management systems, InsulTech, has developed product lines to address problems related to excessive heat, excessive cold, process temperature control and personnel protection. Using fibreglass, silicone, silica, ceramic, metals, and aerogel, we create the perfect solution for the specific application in question. Our soft wrap line of products consists of high quality compliant thermal blankets to manage temperatures up to 1,100°F. Our rigid metal composite line provides a thermal blanket with a more engineered fit and additional durability for use at temperatures up to 1,200°F. Our hybrid composites line of thermal insulation offers the most cost effective way to protect against severe thermal environments up to 2,000°F.

Acoustical energy management solutions

In addition to our thermal management systems, InsulTech also offers engineered solutions that address problems related to acoustical energy. By combining selected acoustical foams, fibreglass, barrier materials, facings, and other specialty materials, we can offer an application specific acoustical treatment that will control, dampen, direct, or eliminate noise. The unique combinations of materials and solutions engineering assure you of a functional and cost effective solution to manage your acoustical challenges.

We also offer a number of professional services to support our customers’ unique requirements. These services include product modelling, product design, precision prototyping, tooling, and contract laminating. InsulTech is committed to providing our customers with the right solutions at a competitive price, while maintaining excellent service and support levels.

Thermal and acoustical insulation systems for the power industry

If you are in need of thermal insulation blankets, acoustical materials or composites, thermal or acoustical engineering services or engineering design and prototyping, please consider InsulTech as a source for these products and services. Our combination of experience, technical skills, speed, and value has made our company what it is today.

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