CECO Environmental has announced that the firm’s energy business has been given a large contract to deliver a CECO Peerless SCR Exhaust System for what will be the biggest simple-cycle natural gas-fired turbine ever constructed in the US.

CECO CEO and president Dennis Sadlowski said: “Helping customers improve air quality is an important part of CECO’s mission and we are honoured to have been chosen to provide CECO integrated technologies for this milestone project.

“We are uniquely qualified to handle a project of this size and complexity because several of our technology brands are global leaders in SCR system technology for the power market, and our people are known for their deep expertise.

“They bring outstanding project management capability and will work together to streamline the engineering, design and construction of the entire SCR exhaust system.”

CECO’s energy business Sales vice president Tim Shippy said: “We bring cumulative years of deep technical and product expertise with the CECO brands involved in this contract.

“Our integrated solutions, including the Peerless, Aarding and Effox brands, provide a superior solution to meet the stringent emissions and acoustic abatement needs, and made CECO the logical choice for the project.

“The size of the power plant presents unique challenges such as the need for custom engineering and scaling technologies to meet regulatory and environmental requirements. A big part of our mission is helping customers reduce emissions, and in this case, the SCR system will help reduce the NOx more than 90%.”

The contract includes custom engineering, analysis, design and modelling, as well as sound acoustics, performance and construction of the exhaust system to meet the project specifications. The SCR exhaust system is mission-critical equipment in a gas-fired power plant as it:

  • Provides both emission and sound control to meet industry and environmental requirements
  • Reduces NOx and CO and VOC levels in the turbine exhaust gases that help protect air quality
  • Reduces sound levels with internal acoustic silencers
  • Provides efficient distribution to the atmosphere

CECO’s technical team will include SCR engineers, acoustical engineers, in-house CFD, advanced-level structural engineering, as well as a strong operational capability. The contract also includes provisions for CECO Technical Field Advisors to be onsite during the six-month fabrication period and the one-month start-up and commissioning period.