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Exhaust Silencers and Exhaust Heads

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Established in 1956, Penn Separator Corporation is a certified ASME Code Section VIII Division 1 welding shop that specializes in the manufacturing of boiler auxiliaries and pressure vessels. As a leading supplier of exhaust silencers and exhaust heads, we put our 50+ years of experience into every product.

Noise-reduction exhaust silencers

Penn Separator offers two models, an ‘SP’ for maximum reduction and ‘SP-S’ for good noise reduction. Penn will work with customers to meet their individual needs so the desired attenuation of noise is achieved for each application. Penn has sold thousands of exhaust silencers through hundreds of qualified representatives throughout the US and the rest of the world.

Steam and air silencers

Penn exhaust silencers can be used for any application that requires steam, air or gases that are being vented to the atmosphere to meet certain noise requirements. You can trust Penn to supply you with an exhaust silencer to meet your noise reduction needs.

Penn Separator has built exhaust silencers with inlets as large as 24in.
Based in Brookville, Pennsylvania, US, we sell exhaust silencers and heads through sales representatives throughout the world.
A Penn exhaust silencer.
A Penn cyclone exhaust head.

Custom single-pass exhaust silencers

Penn silencers are excellent for steam applications because they are designed for inlet velocities of 900ft/s. Additionally, the acoustical material used for each exhaust silencer is rated for 1,250°F. Penn exhaust silencers are single-pass silencers and available in multiple sizes. Penn Separator’s representatives can match the correct size for your particular steam or air-venting application.

Venting steam to the atmosphere is hazardous to personnel and can cause severe hearing damage. Each Penn exhaust silencer uses a very effective material called DalCon.

DalCon is an excellent acoustical material for exhaust silencers because it has a sound-absorption coefficient of 0.9 and works well under wet conditions. Depending on the model of exhaust silencer used, the sound can be reduced by as much as 48.9db. Proven results can be found in thousands of satisfied customers.

Cyclone exhaust heads

During the venting process, water, oil and other particles are often mixed with the exiting steam or other gases. These particles can cause damage to surrounding rooftops and other sidewalls. Penn’s cyclone exhaust head separates these particles using a patented spiral baffle that cleans the exhausting steam or gases.

Those customers who don’t require noise reduction but do need the removal of particles and entrained water from their exhaust can trust Penn Separator to provide them with a quality cyclone exhaust head that will provide years of service.

Boiler blow-down heat recovery systems and separators, blow-off tanks, and separators

Along with meeting your silencing and exhaust needs, Penn can also provide you with boiler blow-down heat recovery systems, blow-down separators, blow-off tanks, flash separators and entrainment separators.

For literature on exhaust silencers, exhaust heads or any of the other products listed here, please contact us or visit our website.

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  • Silencers for Maximum Noise Reduction

    Each silencer reduces noises differently. The larger the size, the higher the reduction. These reductions range from 34.9dB to 48.4dB. This document gives these combined reductions as well as reductions at various frequencies.

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