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Steuler Anlagenbau

Modular Plant Systems

Steuler Anlagenbau develops modular plant systems based on recognised processes and plant components that have proved their value in the field over many years.

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Steuler Anlagenbau develops modular plant systems based on recognised processes and plant components that have proved their value in the field over many years.

These system modules allow the required plant construction technology to be designed and installed for each application in an economical manner that also ensures that it will continue working well into the future, as well as in terms of the residues and emissions it creates.

Flue gas systems for power plants

Based on well-known processes and plant components that have been tested in practice for many years, Steuler flue gas systems can provide a unique opportunity to upgrade or retrofit the plants should stricter emission levels, a reduction of operating costs and minimisation of residual materials be required. Options available include:

  • SCR / DeNOx plants for selective catalytic denitrification and/or polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofuranes (PCDD/F) abatement
  • Oxidation-catalytic combustion of VOC and CO2 containing waste gases
  • Wet absorption flue gas desulphurisation and chemical-physical waste air scrubber
  • Dedusting and aerosol precipitation

Flue gas purification systems

Steuler flue gas purification systems have been proven in many different fields of application. Our vast experience has confirmed us to be one of the market leaders in this type of technology, with operational experience over many years. The research and developments undertaken by Steuler will ensure high-efficiency systems with low investment, operating and maintenance costs, with the emphasis being placed upon safety of operation and ease of maintenance. Features include:

  • Coal and heavy fuel oil-fired district heating facilities
  • Industrial and special waste incineration
  • Chemical and petrochemical processes
  • Thermal processes like calciners, sinter and roast processes

SCR and oxidation catalysts for stationary engines

Steuler has been engineering and installing both SCR and oxidation catalysts since 1980. This technology has been used to reduce pollutants such as NOx, CO, CxHy and dioxins into their natural constituents.

Steuler uses different types of SCR catalysts utilising urea or ammonia as the reducing agent. Simultaneous decomposition dioxins and furans and oxidation catalysts convert CO and CHx to CO2 and water. Benefits include:

  • High reductions of pollutants
  • No waste water produced
  • Suitable for a wide temperature window
  • Simultaneous decomposition of NOx, dioxins and furans
  • Simple plant construction, ensuring minimum downtime periods with a safe operational maintenance procedure

Security and protection for ECO2-PRO systems

ECO2-PRO conceals a concept to produce continuous CO2 for the growth-promotion of plantation in greenhouses at low costs. The Steuler ECO2-PRO technology is approved by Dutch insurance company Hagelunion, which provides insurance coverage for possible damage to plantation caused by the malfunction of a catalyst system. Features of the ECO2-PRO system:

  • Efficient security system for the protection of the ECO2-PRO system, the gas engine and the greenhouse plantation
  • Small, compact design of the catalyst housing
  • Modular system of the urea metering and monitoring/ control system
  • Very quick matching of the software to possible requests of the operator, minimum time involved for maintenance work, reliable service, remote maintenance of the system

Flue Gas Cleaning Systems

Founded 1908 the Steuler Group operates worldwide with a portfolio of leading brands and innovative technologies in the fields of Industrial Linings and Equipment, Equipment Engineering / Environmental Engineering, Pool Construction and Tiles.

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