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Steam Vent Silencers Applications

Ventx provides industrial silencers for many companies across the world.

Vent silencing limits the noise of steam or gas flow inside a pipeline. These noises might exist because of the high-velocity flow along the valve. It may also be due to a barrier inside the line that abruptly alters or impedes the flow’s direction.


Our silencers suit many applications with steam vents and purge outlets. They also prove useful when working with system blowdowns, safety relief outlets, and high-pressure vents.

Vent and blow down noise is generally because of upstream temperature and pressure and the effect of downstream piping. The valve type and size, as well as the kind of gas you’re venting are vital too. We design every silencer to diminish the noise volume to the desired level at a set distance from the device.

Within any blow off / gas venting or steam set-up, the main noise release happens at the open stack exit. You install the blowoff silencer at the outlet or inside the stack and it cuts the noise off before it can escape. With passive silencer design, the product uses two foundational noise-limiting principles. Dissipative components offer balanced noise depletion over a large frequency scope, while reactive components supply maximal noise cutback in a more focused frequency band.

At Ventx, we use our cutting-edge computer software to provide customers with suitable silencing solutions. With it, we can perceive the noise volume that’s most likely and work from there. As a result, we are confident we can provide the right solution for any kind of steam vent, noisy system or piece of machinery.

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