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Ventx Explains Vent Silencers’ Size and Material Regulations

Ventx provides highly effective silencers for several kinds of installations within industrial facilities, even those that are specifically made for gas vents.

The purpose of a vent silencer is to reduce the noise which emanates from the expansion of steam or gas at higher atmospheric pressures. People use these silencers to inhibit noise from high-velocity gas streams, with examples including purge outlets and system blow-downs. They can also aid safety relief valve outlets and steam vents.

What material to use?

Vent silencers are normally created from carbon steel. Where possible, though, other substances can be used to meet specific application or design requirements. These include oxygen service, corrosive environments and high temperature. Material recommendations also depend on the operating conditions.

Great material for corrosive settings

Complete silencers or separate components can be designed for use in areas where corrosion is an issue. Ideally, a 300 series stainless steel should be used, which might be a grade 304 or grade 316. For oxygen service, a Monel or Monel/300 series steel fusion could be used, possibly in tandem with special degreasing and cleaning processes.


Vent silencers need to meet government regulations and protect employees from intemperate noise. The silencers can be appropriately sized in order to deal with several flow rates and valve pressures, allowing the reduction in noise levels to be preserved.

At Ventx, we start by designing a silencer to suit our customer’s gas vent and facility. Then, we use first-rate materials and manufacturing methods to create the apparatus. When it meets our quality standards it is ready to install.

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