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Ventx’s Discussion on Custom-Designed Industrial Silencers for Power Facilities

Ventx produces high-quality industrial silencers for power facilities with high noise pollution.

Considering noise levels in the petrochemical and service industries, the best way to deal with noise issues is through a custom design for individual applications.

Innovative technology

By using advanced computer software, we are able to craft predictive acoustic models within the design phase, so that silencers can be designed prior to the building of the infrastructure. We can also work with existing machinery in order to plan the necessary measures for noise reduction. Typically, we are able to produce gas ejector silencers, direct line silences, vent discharge silencers, and control valve silencers.

Gas ejector silencers

A gas ejector silencer uses hydrocarbon gas or steam, which can be vented into the atmosphere or in a closed system to reduce noise. This works by attenuating airborne sound waves circulated in a flowing medium. We calculate the ejector noise and flow mixture in order to determine specific requirements.

Direct line silencers

A direct line silencer differs in that it uses absorption rather than pressure variation to reduce noise created by machinery. They can be offered as a complete unit and are often used with compressors.  Alternatively, an acoustic core can be supplied, which is inserted into existing pipework.

Vent discharge and control valve silencers

Vent discharge and control valve silencers lower gas flow pressure and absorb as much sound as possible. This method makes use of an expansion chamber and an absorptive core.

A vent discharge silencer attenuates the noise level to a required sound pressure level, considering the distance from the silencer. They can be used in high-pressure vents, steam vents, safety relief valve outlets, system blowdowns, and purge outlets.

Bespoke silencer services

At Ventx, we are able to analyse your plans or assess your current installation by surveying your company. The results enable us to design and manufacture bespoke silencers, providing a service that is guaranteed to meet your needs.

We use the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques in order to craft a silencer that is well-suited to your business. Whether you need new silencers for a new development project, or you require silencers for your existing structure, we will be glad to help you.

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