AEG Power Solutions has more than 60 years experience providing robust and rugged power systems to the utilities industry. We are a leader for dependable and reliable systems and offer a complete range of world-class AC and DC power which protect and control products and have more than a 20 year lifetime. We deliver the industry-leading availability you need to protect your production process, to ensure optimal uptime and to deliver maximum return on your investment by reducing lifetime costs.

AEG Power Solutions serves all major oil, gas and petrochemical customers as well as intermediaries such as engineering procurement, construction (EPC) companies and system integrators. AEG Power Solutions provides support throughout the whole project life cycle, from preparation of specification (front end engineering and design), product delivery and installation, to testing, commissioning, after-sales service and maintenance.

Power systems for the utilities industry

For conventional and nuclear power generation, transmission and distribution, smart grid and green power generation, we have an optimised portfolio of power systems, including:

  • UPS (0.3kVA – 1.0 MVA)
  • Inverters (2kVA – 160kVA)
  • Chargers/rectifiers (5A – 2000A) and DC systems
  • Power controllers up to 6000A
  • Modular industrial power supplies
  • Solar systems
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Batteries
  • Supercaps solutions

To serve applications such as:

Power solutions designed to satisfy the nuclear power industry High availability systems and processes EMC resisted Seismic tested Fulfils most international nuclear standards analogue control technology safety on personnel.
For conventional and nuclear power generation, transmission and distribution, smart grid and green power generation, we have an optimised portfolio.
AC2000 SMPS module: Sustained short-circuit proof, low startup current and sinusoidal input current. Also available in earthquake-proof execution (qualified for nuclear power plants).
DC 2000 is a DC/DC-Converter converting 220 Vdc to either 26 Vdc with an output current of 20 A or to 48-60 Vdc with an output current of 25 A.
  • Fire and gas detection systems
  • Data processing
  • Radio and telecommunications
  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency shutdown
  • ESD systems
  • Signalling
  • Fire fighting
  • Instrumentation and process control

Services to protect and maximise your power performance

  • Analytical services: power quality analysis, power surveys, thermal imaging, load bank testing, training, refurbishment and midlife upgrades, engineering
  • Installation services: pre-delivery surveys, electrical installation, system integrity testing, commissioning, specialist logistics, rental equipment
  • Battery services: installation, routine maintenance testing, replacement and disposal, discharge testing, impedance testing
  • Pro-care services: commissioning, preventive maintenance and fully comprehensive life long service contracts

Industrial rectifiers, chargers and DC Systems for offshore

AEG’s latest generation of robust, industrial rectifiers, chargers and DC Systems use both analogue and proven microprocessor controlled thyristor technology to provide high-reliability power supply and battery charging capabilities.

The company’s flexible approach provides exact solutions for standard system configurations and customised systems designed to comply with precise specifications.

Complete modular power solutions

The Protect MIP offers a new way of achieving reliable and cost-efficient protection for all offshore applications. A modular and scalable design with hot-swappable rectifier modules assures low mean-time to repair, reduction in the service cost and meets changing needs and future expansion.

Available with three rectifier configurations in wall mounted cabinets and nine rectifier configuration in stand alone cabinet, it is suitable for charging many types of lead or nickel-cadmium batteries. It can also be used as a direct power supply without batteries.

AEG’s online double-conversion UPS system

AEG’s modern Protect 8 is a true online double conversion UPS, with low maintenance cost, reduced operating costs, air conditioning requirements and battery Ah requirements.

Operating at high and constant efficiency even at low output power, Protect 8 offers high reliability (no potentiometers), high flexibility (software controlled parameters) and fast dynamic response by full digital control and high overload capacity.

The Protect 8 also offers:

  • On-line operation ensures permanent service
  • Microprocessor-driven control and command system provides reliable power supply
  • Battery management system boosts battery life and cuts operating costs
  • Broad range of output power ratings, battery autonomy times and options meet complex industrial application needs
  • High level protection for users and connected equipment (high intermittent overload capacity, high level short-circuit strength)

Unique modular building-block UPS configurations:

  • Single systems
  • Parallel systems
  • Asymmetrical rectifier and SBS power for special battery configuration
  • Customised input/output voltages