In an exciting development, AP+M, one of the largest worldwide independent stocking distributors of both heavy industrial and aeroderivative gas turbine parts, has entered into a new partnership with Parker Hannifin, the global leader in Motion and Control Technologies. AP+M has been commissioned as an Authorized Distributor of Parker’s Inlet Fogging Macrospray Nozzles for both heavy-duty and aeroderivative gas turbines.

"We believe this integration is a perfect fit for customers who are looking for high-quality products delivering value to their operations," said Greg Young, President and CEO of AP+M. "With our newly expanded Parker alliance, AP+M’s product availability and global reach keeps operators running wherever they are, whenever they need support."

"Parker is pleased to have an agreement in place with AP+M to sell our Macrospray nozzle products into the Gas Turbine market place," said Keith Bayer, Director – Global Energy Platform at Parker Hannifin Corporation. "AP+M’s market expertise and customer service focus will allow us to best take care of our existing customer base and provide a strong partner to expand our presence in the power augmentation market."

This latest addition to the Parker alliance features Parker’s Inlet Fogging Macrospray Nozzles. Inlet Fogging is an excellent approach to enhance performance for both heavy-duty and aeroderivative industrial gas turbine engines by cooling incoming air through water spray evaporation thereby increasing air density and mass flow rate. This provides a net boost in power output, particularly on hot dry days. A critically important part of any Fogging system is the fogging nozzle.

Parker’s Macrospray Fogging nozzles provide exceptional sprays and droplet sizes at lower operating pressures. Sprays are uniform, free of streaks and voids, and do not generate excessive large droplets that cannot evaporate and result in water wastage, potential corrosion in Ducts, or lead to Compressor blade erosion. Parker’s Macrospray nozzles have required up to 20% less water to generate the same increase in power output. Parker’s design and precision manufacturing processes also ensure highly repeatable, reliable spray performance between nozzles, and improved durability and total nozzle life.

AP+M is proud to be an authorized distributor of Parker’s Inlet Fogging Macrospray Nozzles. These products allow for a cost-effective way to cool gas turbine inlet air and keep operations running at peak levels. AP+M recognizes the excellence of Parker’s products and is also an exclusive distributor of Advanced Atomization Technologies and Parker Fuel Nozzles and Lube Oil Scavenge Pumps.

Parker and AP+M will be highlighting their new partnership at the 2017 Western Turbine Users, Inc. Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 19-21, 2017. Visit AP+M at booth #405 to see the product and learn more about our exciting Parker alliance.