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B3 Systems

Baghouses and Particulate Matter Continuous Emission Monitor Systems (PM CEMS) Solutions

3208-106 Spottswood St,
NC 27615 United States of America

3208-106 Spottswood St,
NC 27615 United States of America

B3 Systems is a support-based company providing a specialist range of products and services, which are divided between baghouses and particulate matter (PM) continuous emission monitor systems (CEMS).

Baghouse products and services include bag-leak detector sensors and systems that meet requirements for both simple applications and regulatory compliance. PM CEMS services include PM Spiking services for correlation and RCA testing.

Bag-leak detectors

B3 Systems uses Goyen’s AC coupled dust-sensing technology for its bag-leak detector systems. The G6-Enhanced (G6-E) and G6-Plus (G6-P) are both powered by a 24 VDC source and provide a Modbus communications interface at multiple communication baudrates, which can be defined by the user-accessible dip-switches.

The raw dust reading is enhanced by allowing the configuration and access of two rolling average dust readings, as well as with instantaneous dust values. The G6-P provides completely automated zero and span drift checks to meet EPA MACT requirements.

Its functions include:

  • Detection range from 0.01mg/m³
  • Unaffected by dust-build up on the probe
  • Single point installation with no alignment
  • Sensor can operate with and without the controller/data logger
  • Standard temperature of 200°C (392°F), with options available for up to 600°C (1,112°F)No velocity bias
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Networkable on ethernet, RS485, ethernet IP (Allen Bradley), MODBUS, and many others with the Sentinel G6

Baghouse controls and diagnostics

Baghouse controls are available in a variety of systems and capabilities, ranging from embedded controller options to large customised industrial PLC-based systems, which are built to meet the specific needs of each application. Advanced systems for both online and offline cleaning baghouses have been provided that can identify a specific row or compartment that is leaking or about to leak. The systems provide real-time feedback to plant personnel to allow a facility to be proactive on baghouse maintenance issues instead of reactive to a failure.

Baghouse remote valves

The ETH-P2-I/O is an ethernet I/O system for pulse-jet baghouses, which provides an advanced cost-effective solution for both new installations and upgrades. It uses the Goyen P2 expansion I/O cards for controlling the valve firing and provides a simple and economical option instead of hard-wiring individual valves. Through simple messaging statements (MODBUS TCP or ethernet / IP), the user can fire valves and specify the on-time for each one. The system also provides the controlling PLC with diagnostic information on each valve to detect failures.

PM Spiking

B3 Systems’ patented method of PM Spiking for calibrating PM CEMS has a track-record as a time-saving process for initial calibration and response correlation audit (RCA) portions of PS11 systems.

PM Spiking allows you to calibrate over a wider concentration range without detuning or changing process conditions with the confidence of not exceeding your permitted limit. By using our PM Spiking services, you can quickly change testing conditions and stack PM concentrations. This ability can reduce the total onsite time needed to get the required data points.

PM CEMS services include PM Spiking services for PM CEMS correlation and RCA testing.

B3 Systems to Attend CEM Meeting

B3 Systems will be attending the Utility Continuous Emissions Monitoring User Group (CEM) Meeting, from 3 to 4 June 2015.

B3 Systems

3208-106 Spottswood St


NC 27615

United States of America