Caterpillar has served the worldwide oil and gas industry for more than 80 years. Our 2,200+ global Cat® dealer outlets provide you with the equipment you need for oil and gas production, gas compression, well service, and oil and gas drilling. We have the widest range of durable and reliable power products to meet the demands of your specific application. We also have the people to keep your operation running at peak performance, from our design experts who get your operation up and running to the experts in more than 200 countries who are there to help you maintain it. Where there’s Caterpillar there’s power.

Cat power generation engines

Cat provides engines for generating power for oil and gas exploration, recovery and transmission. Engine applications include camp power, emergency generator sets, prime power at production and storage facilities, cranes, fire pumps, air compressors, primary or secondary recovery systems, water flood or disposal systems. 

Cat engines for gas compression

Cat offers engines for driving compressors for recovery, gathering, processing, storage and transmission. We tailor engines to your specific requirements, and provide you with superior performance, fuel economy, and dependability.

Cat engines, transmissions and packages for well service

Cat’s range includes engines, transmissions and packages to complete new wells or improve production. From blending and fracturing to cementing, acidizing or stimulating, we tackle the endless variables necessary to keep your wells at peak performance.

Cat solutions for offshore drilling include power for jack ups, semi-submersible rigs, drill ships, offshore supply, service vessels, pipelayers and FPSO.
Cat solutions for gas compression operations include power for gathering, processing, storage, transmission and gas injection.
Cat solutions for land drilling include power for mechanical drilling, electric drilling and mud pumping.
Cat solutions for well servicing include power for fracing, nitrogen pumping, acidizing, cementing, coil tubing, blending, workover and pumping.
Cat solutions for production power include engines for camp power, emergency generator sets, cranes, fire pumps, petroleum pumps, air compressors, water flood or disposal systems, primary or secondary recovery systems and prime power at production or storage facilities.

Cat engine, transmissions and packages for drilling

Cat also provides engines, transmissions and packages for the successful drilling of oil and gas. We provide the technical experience and on-site support you need to keep your engines running efficiently.