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DWT to Hold Boiler Manufacturing Seminar in Germany

We kindly invite you to join our Boiler Manufacturing
Seminar in Germany.

DWT has been manufacturer in license for BABCOCK pipe cutting and bevelling equipment for many years. In this seminar we point out solutions for effective manufacturing and repair of waterwall boilers, membrane walls, headers and heat exchangers. In combination with boiler experts and machine manufacturers this seminar will be fully sponsored by the industry and is free of charge.

The seminar takes place on 19 and 20 May 2011 in
the city of Essen, Germany. Local hotel, local transport and
catering will be provided.

The partners of the Boiler Manufacturing Seminar are:

  • DWT, Germany: specialised in pipe bevelling and pipe cutting equipment, manufacturer in licence for BABCOCK
  • Pemamek, Finland: specialised in membrane wall welding
    systems for boiler manufacturers
  • TH Wortelboer, Netherlands: specialised in stationary high-speed bevelling machines
  • Schwarze-Robitec, Germany: market leader in pipe bending systems for pipes and membrane walls in the power generating industry

History of the Boiler Manufacturing Seminar

Due to the increasing demand of manufacturing know-how in the energy sector the company DWT, Germany, announced for the first time in the year 2008 a boiler manufacturing seminar. DWT is a manufacturer of pipe and membrane wall bevelling machines and produces under the brand name DWT-BABCOCK. In cooperation with other professional suppliers of the power generating industries, like Pemamek, Schwarze-Robitec and TH Wortelboer, the seminar took place in the city of Essen, Germany, in the factory of DWT. More than 50 boiler experts from 15 countries around the world joined this special seminar, among them some big names like Alstom, Vulcan, Stork, Comelf, Babcock-Wilcox, Rafako and Thermax. In this seminar effective solutions for productive manufacturing and repair of waterwall boilers, membrane walls, headers and heat exchangers were pointed out.

Theoretical lectures and practical demonstrations combined with factory visits made the seminar a unique event for the boiler industry. Due to its success the seminar was repeated in June 2009 at Pemamek in the city of Loimaa, Finland, where more than 80 participants joined the seminar.

Seminar programme

First day (priliminary):

  • Introduction DWT-BABCOCK
  • Experience lecture of German boiler manufacturer
  • Presentation of automatic panel wall welding
  • Presentation of pipe bevelling machines
  • Presentation of pipe cutting machines
  • Demonstration of high-speed stationary bevelling machine

Second day (priliminary):

  • Presentation of pipe bending machines
  • Demonstration of water wall cutting without heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • Demonstration of water wall bevelling with crown milling cutter
  • Header milling solutions with WIBOMA machine
  • Repair / bevelling of high-pressure heat exchangers

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