Induction Brazing of Rotor Windings and Stators for Turbine

EFD Induction Spain already supplies induction solutions to many of the Iberian Peninsula’s leading automotive, electrical and engineering companies. But it recently opened a new chapter with the delivery of three EFD Induction Minac induction converters to Spain’s two main manufacturers of wind-power turbines. Cantarey Reinosa, a member of the Gamesa Eólica Group, one of the world’s leading wind turbine makers, took delivery of a Minac 18/25 and a Minac 25/40. The converters, which were successfully installed at Cantarey Reinosa’s facility earlier this year, are being used to braze rotor windings and stators for turbines capable of producing 1.5MW to 2MW.

The other delivery, of a Minac 50/80, was to M. Torres Diseños Industriales, a major specialist engineering company based in Navarre, northeast Spain. The Minac 50/80 was installed in October, and is used to braze components for 3MW wind turbines. Says Juan-Miguel Escolar of EFD Induction Spain: “We’re always proud to deliver our solutions. But we’re extra proud to be partners for these two major companies, both of which have outstanding international reputations for quality and innovation.”

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