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Wood Group Winds Long term Parts Supply Contract

Wood Group’s Heavy Industrial Turbines business (WGHIT) has won a six year contract with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Thailand’s national power utility, to supply spare parts for its fleet of General Electric Frame 9E gas turbines in operation at power stations throughout the country.

Valued at more than $10 million over its duration, the contract builds on WGHIT’s long established relationship with EGAT, for whom the company has been supplying component repair services for a number of years. The spare parts provided to EGAT will be designed and manufactured under WGHIT’s APM® (Advanced Parts Manufacture) program, which covers a wide range of parts for heavy industrial gas turbines.

“This is our first parts supply contract that involves meeting the majority of the customer’s turbine parts requirements, including all combustion hardware, buckets, nozzles and shroud block for its Frame 9E fleet. This is also our longest stand alone parts supply contract to date, underpinning the continued growth of our APM® business,” said Ken Mackenzie, Managing Director of WGHIT’s parts business.

The EGAT contract follows on from the award in 2004 to WGHIT of a $90 million, 18 year packaged maintenance contract by the Glow Group, which includes component repair, onsite services and parts supply for Frame 6B gas turbines operated at two power stations in Map Ta Phut, Thailand.

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