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Rolls Wood Group Wins Contract with British Energy Generation Ltd

Rolls Wood Group (Repair & Overhauls) Ltd ("RWG") in Aberdeen has secured the award of a contract from British Energy Generation Ltd to complete the conditional overhaul of their fleet of Rolls-Royce Olympus industrial gas generators over the next five to seven years.

Worth approximately £7.7 million (approximately $13.6 million), the contract involves Olympus engines in operation at British Energy’s Hartlepool, Heysham and Hinkley Point B power stations, which together produce a joint electrical output of 3,580MW and house six advanced gas cooled nuclear reactors. The Olympus units are used as backup generators to the reactors to enable safe shutdown in the event of a grid failure.

Keith Brady, RWG General Manager, said: "This is the largest single Olympus contract won by RWG to date and will provide an excellent foundation for our Olympus engine programme as we continue to support this mature gas turbine fleet. This contract demonstrates British Energy’s confidence in our ability to deliver the highest levels of service for their Olympus units, which are critical to the continued operation of their nuclear power stations."

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