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Wood Group GTS Awarded Operations and Maintenance Contract by Apex

Wood Group GTS and Apex Bethel Energy Center (Apex) have signed a three-year, $12m operations and maintenance (O&M) agreement for the Bethel Energy Center.

Under the contract, Wood Group GTS will be responsible for care, custody and control of the facility when it begins commercial operations in 2017. Construction for the plant in east Texas will start soon, and will use compressed air-energy storage (CAES) technology.

Apex CEO Jack Farley said: "We needed an O&M partner willing to work with us during the development stage of the project. In Wood Group, we found a highly experienced O&M service provider with an excellent reputation in the industry and [one which] is well respected by investors.

"Their customer-focused technical and commercial engagement made the negotiation of the service agreement very productive. Also, their ability to work within a tight schedule along with the OEM, which has minority interest in the facility, was critical to meeting our schedule."

Wood Group GTS Power Plant Services president Frank Avery said: "As the O&M partner for Apex, we are able to minimise technical and commercial risks, while incorporating a transparent and flexible contracting structure.

"Our customer-focused programmes, practices and procedures apply to facilities with all OEM turbine technologies and platforms, and have been honed from a solid foundation of operating experience and continuous improvement. With a risk-based approach to plant performance and availability, regulatory compliance requirements, and financial performance, we can stay aligned with our customers’ goals and objectives."

O&M is a part of the overall products and services offered by Wood Group GTS, which are designed to maximise the return on customers’ investments in rotating equipment technologies.

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