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GTC Services is a field engineering company offering gas turbine owners and operators worldwide total Speedtronic support. We have professional and experienced trained staff capable of servicing, troubleshooting and commissioning all GE Speedtronic systems (Mark I, Mark II, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI and Mark VIe) on both frame and LM turbines.

With the support of also supplying spares from available stock, GTC Services offers a complete solution for any operator using a GE Speedtronic control system.

Gas turbine controls engineering, commissioning, upgrade and training

GTC Services’ experience includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Start-up and commissioning of Mark IV, V, VI and VIe (start-up includes for frame 5, 6B, 7E, 9E, 9FA and LM)
  • Troubleshooting Mark IV, V, VI and Vie, including turbine devices / turbine systems
  • Software upgrades
  • HMI troubleshooting
  • Dos upgrades to HMI
  • Speedtronic training
  • Setting up operation and maintenance procedures on Speedtronic control and turbine systems
  • Identifying parts needed for plant spares

GE Speedtronic training courses

Upgrade your knowledge by taking GTC Services’ solution-minded Speedtronic training courses. By means of case studies, aspects such as hardware, documentation and development of control signals are presented by certified trainers who are highly respected professionals with GE field and training experience.

We offer the following courses:

  • Gas turbine operations (Mark II controls)
  • Mark II Speedtronic maintenance
  • Gas turbine operations (Mark IV controls)
  • Mark IV Speedtronic maintenance
  • GT operations with Speedtronic (Mark V controls)
  • Gas turbine operations (Mark V controls)
  • Speedtronic Mark V <I> control systems
  • Mark V Speedtronic maintenance
  • Speedtronic Mark V HMI for operators
  • Speedtronic Mark V HMI maintenance course
  • Speedtronic Mark VI controls course
  • Customised courses

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Press Release

GTC Releases HMI and I-Dos Replacement-In-Kind Solutions

GTC’s has released new HMI & I-Dos replacement-in-kind products and services.

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GE Power Plant Control Systems Replacement Parts and Services

Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) has positioned itself as a premier technology supplier of replacement parts, repairs, training and field services for all versions of general electric (GE) power plant controls systems, especially for the Speedtronic series.

GTC Services

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Press Release

15 March 2019

GTC’s has released new HMI & I-Dos replacement-in-kind products and services.

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8 March 2019

Gas Turbine Controls extends the life of legacy controls and provides parts and services for General Electric (GE) and excitation applications.

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9 August 2018

GTC has recently exhibited at the Electrify Europe Conference.

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2 August 2018

Old TCPS has one of the highest rates of failure compared to any card of its type in the industry.

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9 March 2018

Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) has introduced its LCD Thin Film Transistor (TFT), which will replace the outdated CRT of Speedtronic Mark IV.

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6 March 2018

Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) has revealed its new and improved website, which features an updated look that showcases its revitalised and growing brand identity.

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14 December 2016

Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) will be demonstrating its solutions at this years Power-Gen International.

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16 March 2015

Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) has extended its range of products and services, growing beyond its GE Speedtronic expertise.

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10 October 2014

GTC will be exhibiting at Power-Gen Middle East 2014,Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. The company can be found at booth F10.

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19 August 2014

GTC will be exhibiting at this year's Power-Gen Asia 2014, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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12 June 2014

Gas Turbine Controls exhibited at Power-Gen Europe 2014 in Cologne, Germany, which was held from 3 to 5 June.

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31 March 2014

GTC field service for Speedtronic products covers both GE Frame and LM turbines for troubleshooting, commissioning, control upgrades, and software upgrades.

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15 December 2013

The exhibition was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel from November 26th to the 27th. GTC would like to thank those who attended and visited our booth and we look forward to providing you with service to meet your needs.

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5 November 2013

GTC Services has released a free whitepaper on Mark Vi and Mark VIe turbine control systems.

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4 November 2013

Gas Turbine Controls is focused on establishing, maintaining and updating internal processes and controls to provide products of the highest quality and which meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We continue to strive for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

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24 July 2013

GTC is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Power-Gen Brazil in Sao Paulo from 24-26 September.

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16 July 2013

GTC can keep you operating for as long as you want. GTC maintains the world's largest inventory of OEM spare parts for GE turbine controls and excitation systems, and can provide expedited delivery when needed to minimise downtime.

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19 June 2013

Gas Turbine Controls Corporation has invested in modern test and repair facilities to ensure that all work is carried out in a clean and controlled environment.

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30 May 2013

Gas Turbine Controls Corp will be exhibiting at at Power-Gen Europe trade show in Vienna, Austriam from the 4-6 June.

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7 May 2013

After a rigorous approval process, that included comprehensive inspections at the GTC's testing facility by Japanese operator TEPCO (Japan's largest electric utility), GTC has passed all requirements to become the first approved suppler, other than GE to TEPCO, for the supply of Speedtronic replacement parts.

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18 March 2013

GTC maintains the world's largest stock of GE Speedtronic Spares, circuit boards and components for the Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine industries, as well as for the Drive Systems in the steel, aluminium and paper industries.

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27 February 2013

GTC has an extensive range of Westinghouse cards for Ovation controls systems, the WDPF (classic) and Westation (aka WDPF II).

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14 January 2013

Check out GTC's Speedtronic forum for helpful tips from community experts.

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29 November 2012

GTC now offers operators a Health Check for their MkV system. This procedure involves a trained GTC Speedtronic engineer visiting your site and performing a set of tests to fully examine your MkV system.

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19 October 2012

Contact inputs on GE Speedtronic DS200DTBA boards send +63/-63 DCV to the switched device in the field. If the switch in the device is closed, current flows through the field device and the DTBA card will then annunciate logic 1 for the point, e.g. L33CB1O.

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1 October 2012

The Mk5 is supplied with plus 63 volts and minus 63 volts from the battery. This is a floating supply centered by a resistor in the PD core. This system means the installation is safer as there should only ever be 63 volts DC to earth.

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3 September 2012

Gas Turbine Controls is pleased to announce an upcoming Speedtronic MkIV training seminar at our facility in New York.

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12 July 2011

The recent Power-Gen Europe 2011 event at Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy, was a huge success, with almost 15,000 attendees - the highest attendance rate to date. Along with 600 other companies exhibiting at the show, Gas Turbine Controls Corp and GTC Services experienced wide interest particula

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