Kaufer Mobile Platforms and Access Systems for Power Plants

Kaufer offers certified mobile platforms and access systems for all kind of power plants. Temporary and permanent platforms are supplied for customers depending on their specified requirements. Suspended platforms are required for maintenance, inspection and installation works on cooling towers, chimneys, boilers and facades as well as on wind energy plants. Mobile platforms climb up and down by electric winches at speeds up to 18m/min.

Cooling tower access systems for exterior surfaces

Various kinds of mobile platforms are used for maintenance works or reinforcing concrete on the exterior surfaces of cooling towers as well as of chimneys. The powered platforms can travel around the cooling tower. Other kinds of platforms climb vertically by electric winches. Unlimited heights can be reached as winches climb up and down on strong steel wire ropes. While installed on chimneys, suspended platforms are secured against wind by guide ropes.

Suspended platforms for facades

Suspended platforms up to a length of 20m are used for facade installation or other works. Temporary platforms are suspended on beams which are erected on the roof of buildings. Climbing speeds of up to 18m/min and load capacities up to 1,000kg are possible. Platforms can also be used for works inside boilers.

Permanent platforms of smaller size are installed for maintenance and cleaning works on glass facades.

Temporary platforms for cooling tower interior surfaces

Maintenance and painting works on interior surfaces of cooling towers are carried out with mobile platforms which are suspended on powered wagons that travel on top of cooling towers. Special equipment for temporary use all over the world can be supplied and installed by Kaufer.

The company is able to install and dismantle powered platforms to tight deadlines.

Rotor blade access systems for wind turbines

Access systems for wind energy power plants are used for repair inspection and for the cleaning of rotor blades.

Kaufer’s innovative, suspended platforms allow alignment on all sizes of blades. Rope suspensions are fixed to the machine house or rotor blade. The company’s rotor blade access system is easy to erect regardless of local conditions. Temporary platforms for masts can be offered as well.

Kaufer constructed access systems for wind energy plants as early as 1996. A large number of other pitch-controlled or stall-controlled systems have been produced to the present day in Germany and abroad. As a result of continual innovation and our extensive experience in the field, we can propose various solutions for repairing, maintaining and cleaning all plant types.

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Gebr Käufer GmbH


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