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Giant Inflatables Industrial

Portable and Temporary Inflatable Structures for Power Plants

27 Woodlands Drive, Braeside, VIC 3195,

Giant Inflatables Industrial is recognised as an international industry leader in the inflatable, portable and temporary structures for the power industry.

We provide blasting shelters, duct balloons and cushions, as well as custom power station maintenance solutions. Our products increase efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce operational costs.

Inflatable blasting shelters for the power sector

Giant Inflatables’ portable inflatable blasting shelter meets the stringent occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements of industrial power plants. This offers an advantage compared with traditional methods.

Our range of standard inflatable blasting units creates a temporary enclosure that is easy to erect in a short period of time. It can also be efficiently packed down for redeployment.

The innovation offers significant time and costs savings for power plant operators.

In terms of portability, the inflatable blast shelter can be deflated to fit on a pallet and transported between facilities in their container.

The shelters do not require complicated rigging systems or heavy machinery and can be set up by simply unpacking and connecting to the fan, which eliminates most OHS complications associated with traditional temporary on-site blasting enclosures.

Using the inflatable blasting shelter enabled Australian integrated energy company Origin and power generation turbine supplier Siemens to reduce operational costs and maintenance operations by up to three days. The shelter also eliminated OHS issues associated with using traditional methods of scaffolding and working at heights.

Pipe plugging and duct solutions

Giant Inflatables Industrial’s custom inflatable isolation plugs can be used for multiple applications, including duct blocking for downstream safety.

They are also deployed for isolating duct and pipe openings from environmental contamination, as well as stopping and plugging. The pipe plugs are custom made and suitable for pipes and ducts of various shapes and sizes.

We manufacture plugs from flexible materials similar to those used for rescue boats, making them robust and reliable. The plugs can be installed at tight spaces and are flexible enough to fit through tight access points and manholes. Effectively operating at relatively low pressure, they are safe to use with limited equipment.

The inflatable isolation plugs are suitable to use during maintenance of pipe silo ducts to prevent tools and fasteners from dropping into inaccessible areas and causing expensive shutdowns.

Isolation plugs are used during maintenance of pipe silo ducts to prevent tools and fasteners from dropping into inaccessible areas and causing expensive shutdowns.

Other isolation plug applications include sealing pipes or ducts of plant equipment during wash down, emergency plugging or isolation of drainage points and sumps from spills and void forming or shuttering for the sleeve or knuckle casting.

Inflatable air-on-demand systems for large structures

Giant Inflatables Industrial’s flexible and reliable AoD systems offer high structural stability at a reduced operating cost. The integrated systems can operate ‘off the grid’ using renewable energy. AoD systems are best suited for large structures such as heavy machinery workshops, storage warehousing and aircraft hangers.

Portable Inflatable Shelters

One major challenge faced by all power generating companies, including Origin Energy, is the build-up of dust and soot that begins to impede on the efficiency of the turbines.

Giant Inflatables Industrial

27 Woodlands Drive, Braeside, VIC 3195