Global Coils is an Australian manufacturer of high and low voltage AC and DC coils for all varieties of electrical motor and generator applications for power generation, mining, rail, heavy industry, and original equipment manufacturers.

Form-wound coils for rotating machines

Global Coils has a strong background in electric motor repair and transformer and coil manufacturing, enabling it to meet a wide range of customer requirements and expectations.

The company’s services include the manufacture and refurbishment of form-wound coils for rotating machines at operating voltages up to 13,800V.

Coil types produced include:

Global Coils produces high-voltage stator coils for all AC motors and generators up to 13,800V.
Global Coils helps clients manage tight winding clearances by ensuring coil shape uniformity.
Global Coils manufactures coils with technically challenging designs for very old but critical assets.
The company provides armature and equaliser coils for mill motors, small industrial DC machines, and traction motors.
Global Coils manufactures a range of armature, field, and stator coils.
Global Coils provides in-house rewinding of large rotor poles for synchronous machines.
Global Coils produces rewound main pole field coils and compensating winding bars.
OFHC copper extruded strip is produced with tight tolerances and with a high-quality finish ready for application of various electrical insulation coverings.
Global Copper Conductors produces Extruded copper Pancakes, Foil and Strip suitable for Field coil and Rotor bar manufacture or for Earthing applications.
Global Copper Conductors copper insulated with KaptonTM FN and FCR films suitable for Class C applications.
  • High-voltage AC form-wound stator coils to 13.8kV
  • Low-voltage AC stator coils
  • Lap and wave wound armature coils
  • Traction and industrial AC and DC armature coil kits
  • Equaliser coils
  • Wound rotor coils and bars
  • Rotating field coils
  • Field and interpole coils for DC machines
  • Encapsulated coils
  • Winding kits for mining motors, traction motors, and AC stator coils

Lifetime machine reliability in power applications

Global Coils’ aim is to work closely with customers to provide fast and effective long-term solutions to rotating equipment reliability.

From design to materials, and construction to insertion, our coils are cost-effective and provide long-term durability. They are designed to be robust and user-friendly, resulting in an efficient and high-quality motor rewind.

The coil design can also be customised to meet specific performance demands or customer criteria, which could include the upgrading of existing OEM systems to meet greater production demands or lifecycle expectations.

Superior insulation systems in power generation

Our extensive in-house R&D has led to the creation of superior insulation systems. This is achieved through the combination of quality materials and developed and proven processing methods that surpass the testing criteria of industry-specific standards.

Different coil types, applications and environments require unique insulation systems. The company produces coils using the following insulation solutions and processing methods:

  • Resin rich
  • Soft system
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation
  • Wet winding
  • Temperature class F 155 to C 220

Most systems are suitable or adaptable for on-site and in-situ rewinding, or for long-term storage of spares. They are also suitable for forward-planned refurbishment to reduce turnaround times during planned overhauls.

High-quality insulation materials

The company sources quality products both locally and internationally from suppliers using the best electrical insulating materials available. Suppliers include Von Roll Isola, Isovolta, Krempel, and DuPont.

It is company policy to provide the customer with the highest quality finished product. This is achieved through the combination of using quality materials and proven processing methods.

Testing international standards in power systems

All coils are designed to exceed the testing requirements of industry-relevant international standards, including AS/NZS, BS EN, ISO, IEC, and IEEE.

Tests include random sample and type testing of high-voltage coils, as well as interturn, hi-pot, tan-delta, and partial discharge testing.

Urgent or breakdown services in coil production

Global Coils is able to respond quickly to urgent requests and thanks to its copper magnet wire production capability is able to begin urgent projects within hours of coil data being furnished.

The company supplies coils worldwide with established freight networks.

Bare and insulated copper and aluminium wire for the power industry

Our Global Copper Conductors extrusion plant produces bare and insulated copper and aluminium wire/strip for coil manufacture, electric motor repair shops, transformer repair and manufacture, as well as the supply of earthing conductors for grounding and lightning protection.

High-purity, oxygen-free copper conductors

Global Copper uses a high-purity, oxygen-free, high-conductivity upcast copper rod with a C10100 designation and a minimum conductivity of 100% IACS.

To meet customer demands for quick turnarounds, its Conform extrusion process with in-line annealing produces a high-quality dimensionally stable conductor at a high output rate.

The extruded rectangular and round copper conductor can have a maximum cross-sectional area of  200mm2, with a maximum section width of 50mm.

The extruded aluminium conductor can have a maximum cross-sectional area of 90mm2, with a maximum section width of 20mm.

Insulation coverings for high and low-voltage AC and DC coils

Complementing the extrusion process are four covering lines for applying quality electrical insulations to our products, which are:

  • Kraft Paper and Nomex™ for transformers
  • Polyimide film (Kapton™) Class C
  • Mylar film (Dupont)
  • Varnished fibreglass and dacron glass Class F and H
  • Mica tapes

Any combination of insulation or layering can be created to suit the particular application.

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