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KGN Tool

Maintenance and Service Tools and Tool Sets, Special Machined Components and Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

KGN Tool is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of maintenance tools, tool sets and special machined components (especially rotating components) for power industries.

Kaitsorvägen 36,
66710 Kaitsor,

KGN Tool is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of maintenance tools, tool sets and special machined components (especially rotating components) for power industries.

For over 40 years KGN has produced products, solutions and services especially for the ship and power plant building industries, the wind industry, and other power industries such as: water, nuclear, mining and offshore industries. KGN’s capabilities include the manufacturing of various service tools, tool sets, special machined components and assembling part-assemblies.

KGN Tool specialises in producing maintenance and service tools and tool sets especially for big diesel-engines. This includes machining of different metals and alloys, as well as plastic and possibly composite materials. Everything from sawing of raw-material, via different machining to assembling is our core business.

The machining is done in CNC turning-lathes and multitasking machining centres. We also use manual machines for turning and drilling and also for welding, sandblasting as well as surface treatment. We perform assembling of components and entire solutions, i.e. maintenance tool sets, pressure tests of hydraulic components, and we take care of packaging of totally customised solutions for transport to final customer. We can deliver totally covered supply chain management and lifecycle services from the same factory beginning from design of tool sets to surface treatment and packaging to transport – and everything in between according to customers’ requirements and demands.

Maintenance tools for diesel engines

KGN Tool provides a range of maintenance tools for diesel engines, including:

  • Tools for main bearings
  • Tools for cylinder liner
  • Tools for piston
  • Tools for connecting rod
  • Tools for injection equipment
  • Tools for intermediate gear
  • Tools for cylinder head
  • Tools for pre chamber
  • Tools for camshaft
  • Miscellaneous tools

Maintenance tools and tool sets for wind turbines

KGN Tool offers a range of tools for assembly and maintenance of wind turbines. These include:

  • BOLTMANN hydraulic bolt tensioners, including power pack
  • Lifting tools
  • Various special bolts and other components

Machined components and part assemblies for various industries

  • Machining (lathing and turning): Serie = 1-10000; max diameter = 600mm; max length = 700mm; different steels and alloys
  • Part assemblies: sawing, shot blasting, welding, painting, assembling, packing
  • Product development: 3D design and development, calculations, piloting, testing, production planning, documentation, end user training

KGN’s own BOLTMANN hydraulic tool product family consists of bolt tensioners and a test bench, which acts as fully automated, mobile testing equipment for bolt tensioners and the testing of various bolts for quality assurance purposes. New members to the BOLTMANN product family will be added subsequent to new customer demands and needs.

Hydraulic bolt tensioners

The BOLTMANN model M36, M42 and M56 hydraulic bolt tensioners provide a range of benefits for users, including:

  • Reduced risk for end users
  • Reduced assembly time for bolt joints
  • Customised design
  • Automatic return to initial position
  • Lighter weight than many of its competitors
  • Easy to transport and operate
  • Competitive price

BOLTMANN hydraulic bolt tensioners can be customised to allow you to tailor the tool to better suit your requirements and give you the edge over your competitors. An optimised tool allows further optimisation of the components it will be used on, resulting in faster assembly times and flexibility in use, enabling you to use the same tool on different bolt types and different nuts.

Mobile testing equipment for bolt tensioners

The BOLTMANN test bench is capable of testing the tensioning of bolt tensioners with thread sizes up to size M90 (larger dimensions are possible through further modifications). With the BOLTMANN test bench you have fully automated, mobile testing equipment for bolt tensioners, with the ability to customise tests according to customer needs.

The BOLTMANN test bench can perform the following tests:

  • Functionality test: testing a full tensioning cycle of a tensioner
  • Pressure test: testing the durability of the tensioner by keeping the pressure at a certain level
  • Lifetime test: testing the tensioner until it breaks

All tests are fully automated and the test bench will automatically stop when the test is complete.

About KGN Tool

The values of KGN are quality, delivery accuracy, innovativeness, flexibility and trustworthiness.

KGN Tool follows the Mechanical Engineering Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery. We have the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates. Our welding department follows the Welding Quality System SFS EN ISO 3834-2 and our BOLTMANN product family has been developed according to ISO 11148-6 and ISO 4413.

The company belongs to the Österberg Group and is managed by the CEO, Mrs Katariina Pukkila-Palmunen.