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Kinetic Australia

Engineering Services, Oil Purification and Precision Solutions

Kinetic Australia provides engineering services and precision solutions to optimise power plant performance.

PO Box 625,
West Perth
WA 6872 Australia

kinetic australia

Kinetic Australia provides engineering services and precision solutions to optimise power plant performance.

Power plant engineering services

Our services include:

  • Equipment installation, operations and maintenance
  • Risk management and information systems at power generation facilities
  • Analysis of data trends
  • Advisory for quality, safety and environmental systems
  • Oil filtration and purification
  • Supervision for scheduled plant shutdowns
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering

Integrated engineering services for power applications

We provide comprehensive mechanical and electrical engineering services, diagnosis of faults, and maintenance and repair of critical equipment.

In addition, our service offering includes predictive maintenance through methods such as vibration analysis for a broader customer base.

We can carry out construction, maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems, and also offer welding services.

Our infrastructure services include solutions for diesel tanks, demineralised water systems and pipework systems.

Oil purification plants

A Kinetic Australia engineering innovation is the precision oil purification plants for removving impurities from oil, effectively restoring its properties to values superior to new oil at a fraction of the cost.

Fully certified oil purification and filtration systems

Kinetic Australia’s precision oil purification plants offer economical solutions that optimise operations. For example, a breakdown voltage with a 2.5mm electrode gap is boosted significantly from 25kV to 50kV-80kV.

Our oil purification plant services ensure high-effectivity for refilling and draining processes, which are also eco-friendly and offer commercial benefits due to eliminating the need to dispose of oil.

Kinetic oil purification plants

Kinetic oil purification plants (KOPP) restore and boosts the value properties of the oil much more cost-effectively than normal processes. It works by removing particulates such as carbon, dust and rust. In addition, it lowers the acid index number and also extracts a large percentage of moisture.

In transformers, it also flushes out moisture and particulate matter, and carries out drying and degassing of units through a vacuum, as well as circulating heated oil and filling treated oil.