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Eddy Current Inspection Services

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KontrollTechnik is a German company that has performed eddy current inspection services since 1977. The result of this extensive experience is know-how and competence in eddy current technology and job enforcement. This competence is demonstrated by KontrollTechnik's steady efforts in research and development of state-of-the-art testing procedures and equipment.

Our services include:

  • Eddy current tube inspection services
  • SLOFEC™ corrosion scanning services for tankfloor and pipes
  • Eddy current component testing services

From its German headquarters, KontrollTechnik provides worldwide inspection services in the oil and offshore industry, for pipe and storage operators, power generating industries, chemical plants and refineries.

Eddy current inspection equipment

KontrollTechnik's eddy current inspection equipment uses the latest generation of computer-integrated TMT eddyMax® eddy current data acquisition and signal processing systems. This technology guarantees our customers the combination of the highest standards in signal evaluation reliability and economical efficiency.

Heat-exchanger tube inspection

We provide heat-exchanger tube inspection for condensers, coolers, pre-heaters and boilers. Through its long-term experience and the ongoing innovation of its testing instrumentation and analysis techniques, Kontroll-Technik has become one of the most competent partners worldwide for eddy current testing of heat exchanger tubes.

Available testing techniques include:

  • Conventional eddy current technique with internal bobbin-type probes, rotation probes and multi-channel probe arrays
  • Magnetic-biased eddy current technique
  • Remote field eddy current technique

NFe heat-exchanger tube inspection

We provide inspection of NFe tubing, including:

  • Automatic evaluation and documentation of up to 1,000 defects per tube
  • Several signal mixing channels for defect detection at support plates and dents
  • Multi-frequency testing for distinction of defect signals from noise (decincing, ferrite, etc.)
  • Consideration of tube wall thinning for depth evaluation of pitting type defects

Inspection of NFe tube end sections

We provide multi-channel inspection of NFe tube ends with rotating probes.

Detection of small diameter droplet erosion

We provide special high-magnetising probes for detection of small diameter droplet erosion.

Inspection of tubes from ferro-austenitic material

We provide special high-magnetising probes for testing tubes from ferro-austenitic material.

FE heat exchanger tube inspection

  • Multi-frequency remote field technique for detection of general thinning
  • Flexible remote field probes for testing of U-bended tube sections
  • Mag-Control technique with magnetic probes for detection of pitting type defects and vibration type defects

Small diameter pipe testing

The demand for testing of buried pipes and pipe sections is increasing due to strict environmental compliances. By the use of internal probes specially developed for the requirements for testing of buried pipes, internal damage can be detected at an early stage without costly excavation of the complete pipe section.

Fields of application include:

  • District heating pipes
  • Drinking water pipes
  • Gas pipelines
  • Fuel pipelines

Available testing techniques are conventional eddy current technique with internal bobbin-type and multi-channel probe arrays, and remote field eddy current technique with internal bobbin-type and multi-channel probe arrays.

KontrollTechnik GmbH

Im Laab 23

29690 Schwarmstedt