Listemann has taken over activities from former Crossarc, Winterthur / Switzerland.

Crossarc has been the successor company of former Sulzer Triebwerke and Crossair Engine Repair. Its main business activities were services in turbine maintenance. For many years Listemann in Winterthur/CH and Crossarc had a close cooperation in heat treatment and vacuum brazing of turbine components. After liquidation of Crossarc, Listemann took over services offered in job shop Oberwinterthur. Included are coatings by thermal spraying and joining by electron beam welding. Customers include RUAG Aerospace, FAG Aerospace, Aerotech Peissenberg and others.

By this step Listemann has passed a new milestone on the way to becoming a renowned service provider for customers in the turbine industry.

Heat treatment and brazing services are Nadcap approved. Services for thermal spraying and electron beam welding are in the approval process and will be approved in 2008. Furthermore, Listemann holds approvals from Rolls Royce and IHI/GE.

“Turbine Components Network offers engine ready components.”

Improvement and success is reinforced by the “Turbine Components Network – TCN” which has been initiated by Listemann and is a network of Swiss companies with core competencies in manufacturing turbine components for aircraft and power plants. Besides Listemann AG TCN partners are Franke Industrie (Aarburg), Imbach (Nebikon) and Nickel-Contor (Zurich). This consortium can rely on different production technologies complementing each other and is able to offer engine ready components to turbine primes.