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Thermal Processing of Technical Components

Materials and Thermal Processing Technology,
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Listemann AG is an international acting company located in Liechtenstein. Listemann’s services include brazing and heat treatment in vacuum and protective gas atmosphere, gas nitriding and nitrocarburising, thermal spraying, electron beam welding, sintering of MIM-components and materials and process engineering.

Listemann’s production facilities are located in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Poland. One of Europe’s largest vacuum-furnaces enables treatment of spacious components up to 1.5m × 1.8m.

Listemann holds Nadcap and OEM approvals for heat treatment, brazing, thermal spraying and electron beam welding. As a member of the Turbine Components Network, we are prepared to provide engine-ready components too.

Hardening, annealing, nitriding and nitrocarburizing

Heat treatment modifies the properties of materials in specific ways, with advantageous impact on the application properties and subsequent processing of the component. Customer benefits include the following:

Listemann's core technological competencies are thermal processes in vacuum and protective gas atmospheres in order to produce or refine components. <br/><br/><br/>
We offer vacuum hardening, annealing, nitriding and nitrocarburizing services to suit your needs.<br/><br/><br/>
Vacuum brazing offers new opportunities in product design to engineers.<br/><br/><br/>
Customized, high-performance coatings by plasma, arc wire and flame spraying. <br/><br/> <br/>
Welding with outstanding properties, combining different and difficult to weld materials.
  • Vacuum hardening and vacuum annealing – oxidation-free heat treatment, low in distortion and environmentally friendly
  • Gas nitriding and nitrocarburizing – thermochemical heat treatment, wear protective and corrosion resistant surfaces
  • Protective gas atmosphere annealing – oxidation-free heat treatment, cost effective
  • Air annealing – mainly oxidising heat treatment, very cost effective, only suitable if the surface is not of major importance or if the materials are not sensitive to oxidation


  • Vacuum hardening / annealing (up to Ø 1,500mm, height 1,800mm – weight maximum 2,000kg)
  • Nitriding / nitrocarburizing (up to Ø 900mm, height 1,200mm – weight maximum 1,600kg)
  • Air annealing processes (up to Ø 2,000mm, height 2,100mm – weight maximum 6,000kg)


Brazing is a thermal process in which a strong metallurgical joint is produced by the interaction between the base material and the liquid brazing-filler metal.

Customer benefits: vacuum brazing in particular offers new opportunities in product design to engineers. . The spectrum of applications ranges from simple tools up to high-tech components for aerospace industries.


  • Reproducible quality
  • High-strength, even at high operating temperatures
  • No flux is needed
  • Components with a large area can be joined
  • Broad range of materials can be combined easily
  • Minimal distortion
  • No oxidation and discoloration from heat
  • Hardening in the same process

Services: prototype, small-scale and full-scale production, hard and high-temperature brazing.

Thermal spraying

Thermal sprayed coatings represent a sophisticated and cost effective method to generate component surfaces with designed properties.

Thermal spraying provides customer benefits for surfaces that have to withstand abrasive, adhesive, corrosive and thermal loads. Optimized materials can be chosen for given technical and economical requirements of the dedicated application.


  • Plasma spraying enables deposition of multi layer coatings and coating of intricately shaped parts
  • Wire flame spraying is suited for metal coatings systems
  • Powder flame spraying offers a broad range of materials especially for wear and corrosion protection
  • Arc wire spraying is a cost effective method to realize metal coating systems

Coating systems

  • Metals: NiCr, NiAl, NiMoAl, NiCrAlFe
  • Composites: AlBz, AlBzMn
  • Abradables: AlSi, AlSiC, AlBN, AlSiCo
  • Cermets: WC-Co, WC-CoC
  • Ceramics: Al2O3, Cr2O3, Zr2O3/Y2O3


In two manipulator equipped spraying cabinets, components up to a diameter of 1.0m and a length of up to 1.5m can be coated.

Electron beam welding

Electron beam welding (EBW) is characterized by a very low heat introduction. As a result, welding seams are narrow and component distortion is minimized.

Customer benefits: Full process documentation makes EBW first choice for welding of turbine parts.


  • Minimal energy consumption and low distortion
  • Vacuum process results in oxidation free joints and surfaces
  • Welding depths from 0.02 mm up to over 100mm
  • Weldability of parts with differing wall thicknesses
  • Broad range of material combinations

Services: Our specialists will support you already during design phase.

Debinding and sintering of MIM parts

Metal Injection-Moulding Processing (MIMPro) comprises debinding, sintering and heat treatment of moulded MIM parts.

Customer benefits: Plastic injection-moulders now have the opportunity to manufacture complex premium metal parts with high-strength and excellent temperature and wear-resistance.


  • Quick entry into an attractive growth market
  • No need for debinding and sintering equipment


  • Thermal, catalytic or solvent debinding
  • High temperature sintering and heat treatment in a vacuum or controlled atmosphere
  • Consultancy in process engineering and materials technology

Press Releases

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