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Listemann Operates New Electron Beam Welding Facility

Since the beginning of the year Listemann has been operating a new powerful facility for electron beam welding.

In addition to a machine with a maximum beam power of 3kW, a new system has been installed to fulfil customer requirements more efficiently and expand EB welding to new applications and customers in the turbine industry.

Having a work zone of 2.6m x 1.25m x 1.5m and a beam power of 15kW, parts up to 1.0m in diameter or height and about 2m in length can be processed. The maximum welding depth is about 50mm for steel and 100mm for aluminium. Sophisticated control and documentation features guarantee a reproducible production and comply with all requirements from the aerospace industry.

Listemann holds a Nadcap certification for heat treatment, brazing, thermal spraying and electron beam welding.

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