Lubrication Engineers has upgraded its automatic transmission fluid with an uptreated additive package, including its proprietary Monolec® wear-reducing additive. The new Monolec Syn Multi-Vehicle ATF (1150) is a versatile, high-performance product suitable for regular- to severe-duty use in a variety of automatic transmissions in passenger cars and trucks.

Replacing LE’s previous ATF, this new fully synthetic formulation is suitable for use in a variety of automatic transmissions, including those used in GM®, Ford®, Chrysler®, Honda®, Toyota® and many other vehicles. Fleet owners will be able to stock and use a single ATF, rather than multiple products.

Monolec Syn Multi-Vehicle ATF ensures smooth shifting, reduced friction and wear on parts, efficient operation in cold temperatures, longer fluid life and a significant decrease in maintenance costs over competitive ATFs. It also prevents thickening and formation of sludge and varnish deposits and resists condensation and acid formation.

“In an anti-shudder durability test, Monolec Syn Multi-Vehicle ATF provided four to five times the protection required by the OEM,” said John Sander, vice president of technology. “These results translate into extended performance and fewer drains in an actual transmission.”