Lubrication Engineers is now offering individuals and groups the opportunity for advanced lubrication education and training in its new training facility, which is adjacent to its manufacturing plant in Wichita, Kan. The central location makes it convenient for customers coming from all over the US. The close proximity to the plant enables the incorporation of real-world applications and demonstrations, a feature that sets LE’s class apart from many other training programs. Class dates for 2011 are set for 7-9 June and 18-20 October, with optional ICML certification testing on the Friday morning after each class.

LE’s new 1,200ft² facility has been designed to accommodate up to 48 attendees and is complete with stadium seating and state-of-the-art audio-visual components, including two large video screens, Wi-Fi capability, and speakers stationed throughout the room.

"Providing our industrial customers with this opportunity to advance their knowledge regarding lubrication reliability practices will allow them to realize the hidden profits that are directly related to an improved reliability program," said Scott Schwindaman, president and CEO. "As a bonus, we will be able to showcase the plant where we make our products. Attendees will see our emphasis on quality and cleanliness, and how we practice what we preach when it comes to lubrication reliability."

In 2011, LE is offering Level I Machinery Lubrication Technician training for $999, including continental breakfast, lunch and beverages. Upon completion of the three-day MLT I class, participants will be eligible to take the optional ICML exam – for an additional fee – to become a licensed machinery lubrication technician. To register, individuals can go to Lubrication Engineers’ website to fill out a form electronically or to print a form to submit via mail or fax. In addition to the scheduled classes, private group classes can be scheduled at the LE facility or at the customer’s location, upon request.

Ensuring machine reliability

In LE’s MLT I course, participants will learn the impact that lubrication practices can have on machine health and reliability. The class is beneficial for managers, engineers and technicians who work at facilities with any of the following equipment: blowers/fans, compressors, gas turbines, gearboxes, hydraulic systems, motor bearings, paper machines, process pumps, rolling mills and steam turbines.

The three-day class is packed full of material, including these topics: precision lubrication and machine management strategies, the science of precision lubrication, lubrication construction, lubricant performance properties, lubricant selection practices, lubricant application, lubricant condition and contamination control, lubricant storage and handling, and introduction to oil analysis.

Expert instructor

To conduct the training, LE has partnered with Michael Johnson of Advanced Machine Reliability Resources. Michael is MLT II and MLA III certified, and is an SMRP certified maintenance and reliability professional and STLE certified lubrication specialist. He played a pivotal role as a contributing editor for ICML’s MLT I test development and has spent 25 years focusing on reliability-centered lubrication practices and program development. He is the published author of 95 technical and industry articles and is the contributing editor of STLE’s TLT monthly periodical.