Lubrication Engineers and Advanced Technology Services have announced a strategic partnership in which the two companies will collaborate to develop and implement best practice lubrication reliability programmes for industrial customers. After successfully working together on past projects, LE and ATS recognised their great potential for synergy.

Both companies focus on helping factoriesrun betterwith long-term programmes that increase uptime and decrease costs.

With this new partnership, ATS has the opportunity to add LE’s expertise and capabilities to its already substantial portfolio of in-plant maintenance solutions.

"LE has a long-standing history with the industrial sector," said Jeffrey Owens, president of ATS.

We needed a company that understood the dynamics involved and could provide a premium lubrication programme. LE has the ability to provide customised programmes across multiple locations with consistency. We are eager to work with LE to help our customers on their lubrication reliability journey."

Lubrication: the hidden cost centre

When researching the reasons for frequent equipment failures and downtime, factories often attribute a significant portion to inadequate lubrication practices. However, without that research, the subject of lubrication is hidden within the factory setting.
Even when identified, the knowledge base or manpower may not exist to initiate lubrication reliability improvements. In most cases, the cost of lubrication is less than 2% to 3% of the overall operating budget of a factory. However, lubrication can have a much larger
impact on the cost of the operation, including downtime, replacement parts, manpower, lubricant costs, expensive equipment failures.LE helps identify this hidden cost centre, bringing to light the need for lubrication improvements. LE routinely documents savings by year two or three of as much as 10% to 25% for the operations it helps.

"To see improvements, you have to invest in people and materials," said Scott Schwindaman, president and CEO of LubricationEngineers. "With the right organisational stamina, most companies can see the upfront investment pay off within a relatively short time and in a very quantifiable manner. This is what LE has helped companies do since 1951 – save money throughtheir lubrication efforts. We are very excited to be working with a respected company like ATS to reach more of the industrial market with our solutions. ATS understands the value that LE can help deliver to factories."