The Met Group of companies incorporates:

  • Metalogic Inspection Services – specializing in phased array inspection
  • UT Quality – which provides automated pipeline inspection services
  • Metegrity – which provides asset management systems

Metalogic – phased-array equipment, testing and training

Metalogic harnesses off-the-shelf phased-array equipment, patented techniques, rigorous training methods and has an experienced procedure-building capacity in order to offer industry-leading testing services to varied industrial sectors. Metaphase is the ultrasonic phased array technology service package offered to the entire power generation sector. Metalogic has nuclear and coal fired plant solutions.

Metalogic offers the patented Helix scanner with the Metaphase technology package for 100% boiler tube inspection with phased array. Defects can be marked for repair immediately following examination with the Metaphase phased-array technique, without the loss of onsite production, thus significantly reducing costs. Accurate locating and sizing of weld defects also reduces both repair rates and repair excavation time. Advantages of Metaphase phased-array inspection include the following:

  • Increased speed of scanning over most methods
  • Zero loss of onsite production
  • Improved weld quality
  • Reduced repair rates
  • Significant overall savings on project cost
  • Increased safety
  • Real-time results
  • Auditable and recordable results
  • Proven success
  • Code-compliant ultrasonic phased-array techniques
  • Defects located and sized to a high degree of accuracy
  • Environmentally friendly

Metegrity – asset management systems

Metegrity develops asset integrity management systems that assist the process and pipeline industries to increase safety, reliability and productivity while reducing costs. Its flagship product, Visions Enterprise®, is the most proven, best-in-class product on the market and is used by prominent power companies worldwide.

The Helix scanner only requires a 13mm gap between tubes for a complete scan around the entire tube.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
Visions Enterprise is an asset integrity and reliability management system, which effectively analyses inspection and engineering data to support decision making.
Together with SAP plant maintenance, Visions Enterprise produces advanced work scheduling using condition and risk-based principles.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
UT Quality has worldwide service distribution centres and the largest fleet of AUT units in the industry, making it a world leader in pipeline inspection services.
The Met Group of companies is based in Edmonton, Canada, with offices strategically placed around the world.

Your company strives for superior asset integrity, fewer maintenance surprises, excellent data trending and reporting, and simplified regulatory compliance. With its strategies and software, Metegrity ensures these goals are met and also offers expertise and experience with refineries, chemical plants, process plants, offshore platforms, FPSOs, and onshore and offshore pipeline projects.

Visions Enterprise is an asset integrity and reliability management system with focus on effective analysis of inspection and engineering data to support decision making. The system utilizes risk-based methodologies to achieve technical integrity in a cost optimized way, which in turn simultaneously improves business, safety and environmental performance of the facility. Visions’ integration with SAP Plant Maintenance creates advanced work scheduling process utilizing both condition and risk-based principles.

UT Quality – automated pipeline inspection services

UT Quality is a premier inspection service provider dedicated to servicing major pipeline construction projects.

Operating from service distribution centers on all major continents with the largest fleet of AUT units in the business, we have the breadth of expertise and hands-on experience that only an industry leader like UT Quality can command.

UT Quality offers a full line of specialised pipeline inspection solutions supported by an in-house engineering team and a multitude of application development specialists.

UT Quality delivers on the promise of “state-of-the-art” through the deployment of the latest technologies accompanied by support programs to fit the special requirements of the pipeline inspection marketplace.