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MEX Maintenance Software Introduces Custom Fields and Modules

We are proud to introduce Custom Fields and Custom Modules as new enhancements to the MEX Maintenance Software.

The MEX ‘Custom Fields’ function allows you to add your own additional fields to the majority of forms used across the MEX system. For example you might want to add a ‘responsible person’ drop-down to the work orders details screen. Using this new functionality, users can now customise that screen to allow users to select a responsible person.

The majority of the field types found in MEX can be added as custom field including text fields, drop-downs, date fields, and check-boxes. There is also the ability to add ‘data derived’ fields, which will display a value based on an SQL query that you construct for the purpose.

To add on to this, we have also added the Custom Modules tool. Allowing users to create a whole new module of their choosing from scratch. Equipped with a full listing and form details templates to work with. So if you always wanted that tool preventative maintenance register or a paint register, go ahead and create your own module.

This ability to tailor your MEX Asset Management system to your needs enhances the flexibility of MEX, making it easier to capture comprehensive information on your assets, the work carried out on these assets and their preventative maintenance schedules.

To take this even further, all customised modules can be easily accessed through the MEX iOS app and used as if they were a standard MEX module. Giving MEX users the tools to not only work with the customised modules in the office, but also on the road.

Both the Custom fields and Modules are a part of the latest version of MEX, with no additional costs charged.

For more information on MEX, Custom Fields, Custom Modules and the MEX iOS app, contact the MEX sales team at

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