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MEX Case Study: Hall Contracting

Hall Contracting is Australia’s largest privately-owned dredging, civil and marine construction company with offices in Australia, South East Asia, and throughout the Pacific. With over 65 years of experience in achieving outstanding results and driven by a strong commitment to provide every client with a world-class experience, Hall Contracting has the systems and procedures in place to get the job done. Whether it is Dredging, Civil Infrastructure Projects, Master planned communities or specialised projects, Hall Contracting have a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget for medium to large-scale clients such as port authorities, local, state and national governments, gas and mining companies

How is the MEX Maintenance Software used?

Across all our sites the MEX Maintenance Software captures comprehensive maintenance history for all our Excavators, Dump trucks, Scrapers, Compact loaders, Dozers, Loaders, Backhoes, Dredges, Workboats and our fleet of company vehicles. We use this information to monitor and ensure that all our equipment has been serviced at the correct intervals. By analysing corrective maintenance data, we are now able to identify maintenance areas that we can improve on. Providing us with the information we need to put in place effective Preventative Maintenance schedules that will go a long way in limiting equipment breakdowns. "With MEX in place we can easily identify equipment issues before they escalate into major ones. Allowing us to keep our equipment running for longer whilst on site. "

Why did you choose MEX Data Hosting?

Hall Contracting is currently transitioning towards the Cloud and so the MEX hosting service was a perfect fit. Being on the Cloud allows for all our systems, including the MEX Maintenance Software, to be easily accessible from anywhere, at any time, and it will ensure that our systems are always updated.

How long have you been using the MEX Data Hosting Service?

We have had our data hosted for almost 1 month now. We made the transition from MEX Version 12 to Version 14 when we chose to host our data, and since then our MEX system is now running a lot faster on the cloud. The system is also kept up to date with the latest MEX updates and enhancements, so all we have to worry about is our assets.
Our experience has also been made so much easier with the prompt customer support service and fast issue resolution that we have been receiving from the MEX Support team.

If you’re looking to make the transition to the Cloud as we are, the MEX Data Hosting service is a great place to start

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