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Industrial Lubricants for Energy Facilities

3225 Gallows Road,
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United States of America

3225 Gallows Road,
22037 Other,
United States of America

Many energy facilities rely heavily on the performance of their equipment to remain competitive, including gas and steam turbine power plants to wind turbines, natural gas compression plants to coal-fired power plants. By protecting these vital assets with first-rate premium lubricants, energy companies can extend the life of their equipment, boost productivity, increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage.


For over a century, Mobil Industrial Lubricants has set the benchmark for lubrication excellence, delivering comprehensive maintenance solutions that help the productivity of its customers soar. Through industry-proven products and value-added services, Mobil is dedicated to partnering with its customers to help ensure their operations run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Mobil’s highly qualified engineers work closely with customers and leading equipment builders for unique insight into technology and lubrication requirements. This gives research scientists and lubricant formulators the ability to build pioneering lubricants for the most demanding power applications. Mobil Industrial Lubricants offers a wide range of performance lubricants and greases to help protect your investment.

To ensure that these important business objectives are met, Mobil’s global team stands behind its entire lubricant portfolio with state-of-the-art services and first-rate technical support.

The widely experienced field engineering services team works closely with customers, offering expert advice on best-in-class lubrication and maintenance practices. Additionally, Signum Oil Analysis Program, a proprietary online monitoring tool, gives customers detailed oil and equipment condition assessments enabling them to make informed lubricant suitability decisions.


Mobil has proven itself an innovator of synthetic lubricant technologies. Mobil’s industry-proven synthetic products provide unequalled equipment protection for the most demanding applications. Whether a lubricant needs to perform under high temperatures, extreme loads and pressures, or high speeds, Mobil SHC lubricants are tailored to deliver your specific performance requirements.

Mobil SHC products can deliver extended oil life, extended equipment life, and reduced energy consumption for increased operational productivity.


Mobil SHC 600 Series, a high-performance line of synthetic circulating and gear oils, is recommended by more than 1,000 major equipment builders who recognize its exceptional performance in helping to reduce operating temperatures, mitigate component wear and extend oil change intervals.

Since 1914, Mobil has worked in close cooperation with leading equipment builders and a wide range of industrial equipment. These relationships have helped gain the valuable application-specific insights that Mobil incorporates into its products and services, allowing the company to evolve with the needs of its customers.


Mobil SHC products are endorsed for use in over 5,800 applications by more than 1,100 major equipment builders around the world, for exclusive or preferential use. For example, Mobilgear SCH XMP, a high-performance gear oil, is approved by the world’s major gear, bearing and wind turbine manufacturers and is used to lubricate more than 10,000 wind turbines worldwide.

Mobil SHC products are lubricants that operate as business tools to impact a company’s bottom line. Mobil advanced lubricant formulations promote continuous productivity, enhanced equipment performance, reduced power consumption and minimized maintenance. These operational advantages have helped many companies around the world save significant amounts of money.

Why Mobil SHC 600 Series is the Only Product You Need

Today’s energy costs are rising fast and budgets are being stretched to the limit. Management is under pressure to identify ways of increasing productivity and reducing operating costs throughout the manufacturing plant. Employees are being encouraged to implement energy saving and continuous i

Mobil Industrial Lubricants

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