Medium and High-Intensity Obstruction Lighting for Wind Turbines

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Effective, reliable obstruction lighting is essential for flight safety to ensure that wind farm installations are visible to aircraft in all weather conditions. With more than 30 years’ experience and knowledge in the design and manufacture of aviation and offshore safety marking systems, Orga Aviation supplies complete solutions for its customers.

Orga works with regulatory bodies worldwide to provide systems that comply with national regulations, as well as those of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the US Federal Aviation Administration and the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities.

Medium-intensity LED obstacle lights for night-time marking

The L350 red, medium-intensity LED obstacle light for night-time marking is typically used to mark tall structures less than 150m high. This is our original smart and simple single-unit design, featuring advanced LED optical design, integrated controller, photocell and flash synchroniser.

High-intensity xenon strobe obstacle lights for day and night-time marking

The L1000 white high-intensity xenon strobe obstacle light for day and night-time marking is typically used to mark tall structures over 150m high.

CIP system controllers

In addition to its range of obstruction lights, Orga offers advanced system interface controllers, used where enhanced system operation control, including multiple light systems, variable intensity and system status records are required.

Complete systems for turbine marking

Our products are more than just obstruction lights – we work with the leading wind energy businesses and regulatory authorities to develop complete systems. We understand the objectives of project stakeholders and the need to ensure a safe environment and we find creative solutions to meet these requirements, working with our customers to develop systems that are adapted to their requirements.

Obstacle light product design, training and service

We offer innovative products and apply the latest technology: smart and simple, auto-control and self-synchronising red and white medium and high-intensity LED and strobe obstacle lights. Our systems, which feature integrated condition-monitoring facilities, are recognised as state-of-the-art, reliable, energy-saving and operationally cost-effective.

We work closely with our customers to continually develop our products, including integrated functionality such as day-night control, intensity stability, flash synchronisation, over-voltage protection, variable intensity control and comprehensive performance monitoring.

When training and on-site support services are required, we have factory-based engineers available to provide installation, commissioning and troubleshooting support.

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