Petrochem was founded in 1974 to meet the insulation needs of the petrochemical industry in the San Francisco Bay area. Our roots are in the petrochemical, power, and pulp and paper industries, but over the years we have expanded the size, scope and reach of our operations.

Operating out of ten regional offices allows us to offer mechanical insulation, siding, scaffolding, fireproofing, coatings and linings, removable blankets, heat tracing, lead and asbestos abatement services nationwide. In addition to being a certified Minority Business Enterprise, we offer our customers personalized service, a nationwide labor force, and the purchasing power to complete projects on time and within budget.

Mechanical insulation services

Petrochem provides mechanical insulation services for virtually every type of industrial and commercial application. From high-temperature processes in petroleum refineries to the moisture-resistant applications critical to refrigeration systems, we have the knowledge and experience to complete every type of project.

We fabricate and install custom-made removable insulation blankets for valves, flanges, and other frequently serviced equipment. Energy savings and the reusable characteristics of the pads can result in a typical return on investment of as little as two months.

Petrochem provides mechanical insulation services for virtually every type of industrial and commercial application.<br><br><br>
Our scaffolding service division has 18 years of experience.<br><br><br>
Our structural and electrical fireproofing services are provided in accordance with numerous UL designs, including 1709.<br><br><br>
We specialize in supplying and installing heat tracing systems.<br><br><br>
Petrochem offers cost-effective asbestos and lead abatement services.

Scaffolding services

Petrochem’s highly trained project managers and scaffold builders install and dismantle projects to the highest safety standards, meeting all OSHA requirements. Whether your project is daily maintenance, capital work or major turnarounds, our scaffolding service division’s 18 years of experience and expertise results in exceptional value and substantial savings for our customers.

Scaffolding services, as with all of our services, may be provided as a standalone service or combined with our other services to add a cost-effective ‘multi-craft’ alternative. Our capabilities in this field include engineering design, estimating, planning and consulting services for scaffolding and shoring.

Structural and electrical fireproofing

Petrochem provides two major types of fireproofing: structural fireproofing for process unit support systems and vessels skirts, and electrical fireproofing for cable trays / junction boxes. Our structural and electrical fireproofing services are provided in accordance with numerous UL designs, including 1709.

Our installers are trained by the manufacturers and are experienced in a wide variety of materials to meet the strictest specifications of the most demanding projects. Commonly used materials include conventional concrete, and intumescent and cementitious fireproofing products.

Heat tracing systems

We specialize in supplying and installing heat tracing systems. Electrical and steam heat tracing systems for all types and sizes of process piping and tanks can be engineered through one of our supplier partners. Installation is performed by our insulating crews. Combining the installation of the heat tracing system with the installation of the insulation material and jacketing ensures proper material size, fit, and finish. Coordinating the process with one crew also results in reducing project delays and aids in installation efficiency, resulting in lower project costs.

Asbestos and lead abatement services

Petrochem offers cost-effective asbestos and lead abatement and remediation services for industrial, commercial, and public facilities. All our workers are EPA-AHERA certified, and company personnel who supervise asbestos abatement work are ‘competent persons’ in accordance with OSHA standards.

We safely and efficiently manage a broad range of environmental projects, from emergency response situations to routine annual maintenance abatement services.

Specialty coating and lining services

Petrochem offers a variety of specialty coating and lining services. Products include protective coatings, tank linings, acid-resistant systems, trowel-applied epoxy flooring with thin film, and decorative concrete systems.

Other services include surface preparation, dry ice blasting, soda blasting, high and low-pressure water cleaning, grit and media blasting, shot blasting, and industrial grinding. Spray-applied ceramic insulation coatings are also available for applications up to 400°F.

Metal siding and roofing services

We provide a wide range of metal siding and roofing services, including demolition, reinstallation, and new construction. We can supply and install a complete, weather-tight exterior using traditional materials or the latest innovative and environmentally friendly products.

Our nationwide purchasing ability ensures competitive pricing of nearly any grade, color, or material. No enclosure, building, or equipment is too large or too small for our installers. Our crew’s experience and training is the cornerstone of our success in this field; our finished products are the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, with the highest quality guaranteed.