Prüftechnik Wibrem is a part of Pruftechnik Group, active in area of rotating machinery service for more than 30 years. We provide solutions for machine dynamics problems, turbines root cause failure analysis expertise, as well as laser alignment and geometrical measurement services.

We offer 24/7 fast response worldwide field services, and provide design review and auditing services for service providers, manufacturers and users of rotating machinery.

Power generation services

We provide laser alignment for steam turbines (flow path, bearings, casings, shaft line, casing flatness, surveying measurement); gas turbines (bearings, casings, shaft line) and Hydro turbines for vertical shafts and trust bearing levelling.

Service comprise displacement monitoring; hot / cold state changes and operating condition changes, diagnostics and balancing on-site for all type of turbines and other rotating machines.

We provide a range of steam, gas and water turbine services such as installation, modernisation and overhaul.
We carry out measurement of vibration values such as displacement, velocity and acceleration, depending on machine type or customer requirements, measurement of bearing condition and pump cavitations.
Flatness measurement carried is out with LEVALIGN®, a laser measurement device from Prüftechnik.
We offer parallel alignment of shafts, rollers and cylinders for printing houses, rolling mills and the packaging industry with PARALIGN®.
We take laser shaft alignment to the next level with our ROTALIGN Ultra iS: the alignment intelligent system.
The VIBXPERT II is vibration data collector and signal analyser, offering intuitive operation, fast measurement times and proven features for professionals and novices alike.

Turbine and machinery diagnosis

Based on our analyses, it is possible to prepare a schedule of the necessary work, which can result in reduced costs of the whole repair works. The applied methods allow for early detection of the damage or not operating well reasons. We provide wide range of services: vibration measurement, rotating machinery and bearings diagnosis, static and dynamic rotor balancing.

Avoiding breakdowns with professional services and the latest technology

Prüftechnik Wibrem uses its experience, knowledge and the latest technologies guarantees to provide the highest level of professional services required by your company.

With our professional services, our customers can avoid any unexpected breakdowns, improve efficiency and avert potential failures.

Rotating machinery specialists

Prüftechnik Wibrem combines knowledge of high-tech measuring and testing systems with extensive field experience, and world leading analytical and testing capabilities. During last ten years, we completed high number of contract works for all major oil and gas, power generation and rotating machinery manufacturers worldwide.