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Marine Navigation Marking

Sabik is one of the leading European manufacturers of marine signalling for offshore, ports and harbours, and our products are used by most lighthouse services in Europe and worldwide.

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Sabik is one of the leading European manufacturers of marine signalling for offshore, ports and harbours, and our products are used by most lighthouse services in Europe and worldwide. With more than 20,000 installations worldwide, we know what it takes to make products work and last in the hardest conditions. With our roots in Finland, we are accustomed to engineering our solutions to withstand the harsh marine environment, the freezing temperatures and the pressure of the ice.

For marking of offshore windmill parks, we have developed complete systems for marking the area from the first day of construction to the fully operational park. As a leading supplier of marine signals to the supervising lighthouse administrators, we are familiar with their needs and regulations, and are able to supply solutions that meet international (IALA) and national requirements.

Met masts

Before the construction commences, wind data, meteorological as well as ship traffic data, is collected on a met mast structure installed at the site. These met masts normally require marine solar-powered signals with ranges from 10 up to 15 nautical miles, fog horns (and fog detectors) as well as AIS transponders and Racons.

Buoys with LED marine lanterns

During the construction of the park, the working area needs to be clearly marked out with lighted buoys. We have a range of polyethylene buoys with high-performing LED marine lanterns combined with remote monitoring of both position as well as the navigation light via satellite communication. GPS synchronisation of lights is available if needed.

Sabik offers the complete system for marine navigation marking of an offshore windmill park.
The SC 155 self-contained lantern is used as a buoy lantern or for temporary marking during construction.
The LED 155 lanterns are used as permanent 5 nautical mile signals.
The illuminated ID signs IMS-650 are installed as nighttime ID marking on each structure.
The NavAid controller and Gaetway unit monitors and controls the performance of each of the signals.

When the foundations to the generators are being installed, we can provide self-contained LED lanterns to be used for temporary marking of each structure. These can also be synchronised by GPS and remote monitored using satellite communication.

Marking equipment for significant peripheral structures

In accordance with IALA Recommendation O-139 on marking of man-made offshore structures, the significant peripheral structures need to have more marking equipment compared to intermediate and inner structures. 5 nautical miles synchronised lights (LED 155), self-illuminated ID signs (IMS-650) or flood lights (ALS 200) for daytime ID sign as well as the local NavAid Controller with Gateway and a backup system is the minimum equipment normally installed on a significant structure.

Marking equipment for intermediate / peripheral structures

On intermediate structures the marking normally comprises of synchronised 5 nautical miles signals (LED 155) as well as self-illuminated ID signs (IMS-650). These units are controlled and monitored by the NavAid controller and a backup system. Monitoring and control data is relayed from the structure to the Park Master at the transformer platform via the TCP/IP network from the NavAid Gateway (IEC61850 RTU).

ID marking for inner offshore structures

Inner structures normally do not need 5 mile lights, but they do need self-illuminated ID marking (IMS-650) or flood-lighted daytime ID using ALS-200 signals. Local control by the modular NavAid controller with Gateway TCP/IP interface to Park Master. A backup system is normally also required on these inner structures in case of power failure.

Marking equipment for offshore transformer platforms

The transformer platform is the hub for the marine navigation marking system. Normally located inside the offshore windmill park, it does not require the 5 mile yellow signals, but it does need the ID marking (IMS-650) or flood-lighted daytime ID (ALS 200) as visual signals. The Park Master System is normally located here, which connects all the NavAid systems via the Gateway IEC61850 RTU links and acts as the main server of the marine navigation marking system.

An AIS AtoN system with synthetic characterisation of the entire park or its significant peripheral structures is commonly required. In addition, monitoring and alerting of non-authorised vessel movements within the park area may be required by the park operator. A visibility meter is also commonly installed to enable centralised control of light and audio signals in case of poor visibility.

Marking equipment for structures along helicopter access corridors

Structures which are located along helicopter access corridors are also equipped with additional high-intensity LED signals (LO200HW FSL). These signals clearly illuminate (flood) the structures along the approach path for the helicopter and they are turned on when needed from the shore-based operating centre via the Park Master.

Navigation marking for wind turbines

Sabik can provide tailored solutions to ensure a correct and smooth implementation of the components needed for marking of the wind turbines. Mechanical and electrical interfaces are designed and harmonised in close cooperation with other project partners.

Based both in Finland and Germany, we have an excellent team with more than 20 years of experience of marine aids to navigation, to ensure a smooth and professional operation.


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