Safway Techne award

Safway’s QuikDeck Suspended Access System has won the 2014 Téchne Prize for technological innovation in civil construction.

The award is presented annually in Brazil for the most significant contributions to the field of commercial construction.

QuikDeck, which has been marketed by Safway throughout North America since 2006, was introduced in Brazil by Mecan in 2011, which is part the Orguel Group and one of Safway’s strategic international partners.

Safway Group’s Bridge Division manager Jerry Dolly said: "The Téchne Prize recognises a meaningful advancement in construction technology.

"We’re thrilled that our contribution to the field has been recognised in this way. This award builds on an expanding list of recognitions for QuikDeck, providing further evidence that the innovation of our suspended access system represents a sea change in terms of safety and productivity at hard-to-reach worksites, not just in the United States, but around the world."

"The Téchne Prize recognises a meaningful advancement in construction technology."

QuikDeck features a unique modular design that allows an in-the-air build-out of a broad, rigid work platform. From an initial 16ft x 16ft QuikDeck platform, which is hung under the work area, sections can be rapidly added and leap-frogged (using materials staged on sections previously erected) – all without ever touching anything below.

The easy installation saves on labour and moves projects along efficiently. QuikDeck can be engineered to span large areas, fit unique shapes, withstand high loads at a 4:1 ratio, and be combined with other access solutions such as supported scaffolding. QuikDeck also provides a safe barrier between the work area and anything below.

The Téchne Prize is awarded by a jury of engineering professionals to highlight ‘technologies that improve productivity and performance in the construction environment’. It is bestowed by Editoria PINI, a leading voice in engineering and construction in Brazil.

Mecan is a leader in commercial construction access in South America, and the Téchne Prize continues a long record of industry recognition for the company.

Orguel Group CEOSérgio Guerra Lages said: "The prize recognises the way QuikDeck fills a great need for a strong, stable suspended access system to support rapidly expanding needs for construction and industrial services in Brazil."

The prize was awarded in the machines and equipment Category, one of four Téchne Prize categories.

When announcing the decision, Editoria PINI described the system’s benefits: "QuikDeck, an access structure distributed by Mecan, was developed especially for use in restricted access locations.

"The pivoting modular installation process allows assembly in the operating position without obstructions or underneath support structures. This allows, for example, unobstructed passage of vehicles under bridges in highway construction. It is also suitable for oil rigs, industrial situations, and similar work sites.

"QuikDeck is produced with automated robotic welding. Moreover, the steel used – a high strength, low weight alloy – enables a load capacity of up to 366kg/m² with [a] safety factor of four.

"According to the company, the suspended access system provides a productivity gain of up to 80% in labour. For offshore jobs, it’s possible to reduce the need to bring in workers by 70% compared to a conventional system, making people available to perform other services."

Mecan is one of ten companies that are part of the Grupo Orguel Corporation, which serves the commercial and industrial markets throughout the world’s fifth largest country. Grupo Orguel has been in business for more than 45 years. Mecan is involved in manufacturing, distribution, rental and installation of scaffold.

More information about QuikDeck is available at Safway’s website.