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Safway Group

Full-Service Scaffold Provider: Sales, Rental and Services

Safway Services has been a leader in safe, reliable scaffold and access solutions since 1936. As a full-service scaffold, access and insulation company, Safway Services offers scaffold sales, rental, training, engineering and labor services, inventory and project management assistance, all while meeting the highest safety standards.

Scotia-Glenville Industrial Park,
Building 406
Scotia, NY, 12302,
United States of America

Scotia-Glenville Industrial Park,
Building 406
Scotia, NY, 12302,
United States of America

Safway Group companies deliver efficient, high-performance multiservice solutions – THE SMART WAY™ – by collaborating, communicating and sharing resources.

Offering experience and expertise in access, scaffolding, insulation, fireproofing, surface preparation and coatings, Safway Group companies include CL Coatings; Industrial Coatings and Fireproofing (ICF); Redi Solutions; Safway Atlantic; Safway Services; Safway Services Canada; S&E Bridge & Scaffold; and Swing Staging. With a largest engineering team, award-winning safety excellence, an exclusive project management systemand a full range of products and services, Safway Group companies design and implement innovative, high-quality solutions at the lowest installed cost for projects of any size and scope. Safway has been an industry leader since 1936.

With tight deadlines and access challenges as our speciality, Safway offers a complete package of products and services to handle your next scheduled outage, emergency work or routine maintenance project and has unique access solutions for power plant boiler work. With more than 95 North American branch locations, Safway provides access to wind turbines across the nation.

Complete service provider for scaffold, access and industrial solutions

From our innovative engineering services and exclusive Safway Tracking System to our unique access solutions and project management tools, Safway has successfully covered power projects across North America.

Safway has all of your project management needs taken care of in order to track labor and parts and cut total project costs. The Safway Tracking System (STS) is an exclusive scaffold management system that captures and generates real-time data about your project’s equipment, labour and productivity.

This Safway-exclusive technology increases labour productivity, manage project timetables, and manage labour, inventory and control project costs.

Scaffold for power plants

The most widely used modular scaffold in North America, our Systems™ scaffold is a perfect scaffold for power plants and boilers because it can be used in virtually any space, no matter the dimensions. Systems scaffold is one of the most versatile scaffold products ever developed and was specially designed to meet the challenges of power plant and boiler work.

Proving is strength and reliability for power work, Systems has passed all seismic qualification tests of Class 1E equipment in May 2010 and is in full compliance with ANSI and IEEE standard 344-1987. The scaffold’s seismic test input was 10% greater than any other known seismic qualification test of scaffold in its class.

Unlike many other scaffold designs, Systems features a 7ft clearance between deck levels, allowing workers a safer, more convenient work area. Systems scaffold can have its horizontal and diagonal members individually removed and placed after erection, without affecting the integrity of the structure.

Suspended access systems for boilers

Safway’s QuikDeck® suspended access system is a modular platform system that is easy to install, safe for workers and more economical than traditional scaffolding or access solutions. QuikDeck can be assembled in the air from an access hatch or configured on a level surface and then hoisted or lowered into place. QuikDeck is used as an access solution in power plants and specifically boilers, all across North America.

QuikDeck is a perfect solution for boiler maintenance work and repairs because it successfully provides a deck above the bullnose, while allowing for work to take place below, resulting in shorter downtimes and reduced labour costs.

QuikDeck can also be used in conjunction with other Safway scaffolding, making access easier and more efficient. Because it can be quickly erected and dismantled, QuikDeck is great at targeting specific areas of power plants during outages or just for routine maintenance.

Wind turbine maintenance platforms

Safway has an exclusive, dedicated motorized division to contribute to your power project. When a simple inspection is in order, our suspended swing stages provide complete mobile wall access easily and efficiently.

In addition to our swing stages, our motorized division also offers mast climbers and material / personnel hoists.

The SafAscent™ turbine maintenance platform, one of Safway’s newest products, is designed specifically for wind turbines and enables unrestricted access to the tower and blades. The 6ft, 6in modular platform features three sets of padded roller systems that protect the tower and blades and has a weight capacity of 500lb.

Customized scaffold and access solutions

Beyond QuikDeck, Systems, SafAscent and other motorized products, Safway offers a number of other scaffolding and access solutions, including:

  • Systems™ Scaffold
  • Suspended scaffold
  • Sectional scaffold
  • SafLock™ scaffold
  • Tube & Clamp scaffold
  • SafAscent™ wind turbine platform
  • SafMax® frame system
  • Hoists and lifts
  • Shoring
  • Insulation services
  • Coatings services

We can customize your access need based on the unique challenges that your power project presents, and our trained crews can erect, dismantle and monitor scaffold throughout the entirety of the project. No spot, in any plant, boiler or wind farm, is inaccessible for Safway.

SafWay Corporate Identity

A SafWay Corporate video showcasing the products and services offered for the power sector.

Power Generation Solutions

Award-winning safety. The largest in-house Research, Development and Engineering Department.

Safway’s Total Access Solutions

When water wall tubes and panels need to be replaced or repaired, Safway has the experience and products to provide quick and safe access, while reducing costly downtime.

Safway Honoured by Consigli for Steadfast Safety Performance

Safway Services has been recognised for its outstanding safety practices by Consigli Construction Co., one of the Boston area's leading commercial construction firms, on the basis of Safway's strong safety culture and rock-solid execution.

Safway Awarded OSHA VPP Star Status

The Safway Services team at the Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery in Belle Chasse, La., has been recognised by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and approved for participation in the Star Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

Safway Services Releases White Paper

Safway Services has released a white paper entitled 'Power Generation Solutions: For Boiler Maintenance, Turnarounds, Capital Work and Emergencies'.

Safway Group Purchases Assets of Swing Staging and Related Companies

In a move to enhance its position in the New York metro area and expand its expertise and offerings in motorized access solutions, Safway Group is announcing the acquisition of the assets of Swing Staging, Inc. and related companies - including Twin & Swing Scaffolding, Specialty Access Systems, LLC, Long Island City Trucking Corporation, and Scaffold King Inc. (collectively 'Swing Staging').

Safway Group Acquires North American Coatings

In a move to further strengthen its position as a multi-service industrial services provider offering scaffolding, insulation and painting (SIP), Safway Group is announcing the acquisition of North American Coatings (NAC) and its family of companies - including CL Coatings, Industrial Coatings & Fireproofing (ICF) and SEI Coatings - which specialize in the application of high-performance coatings throughout the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power, refining, marine, manufacturing, transportation and commercial construction industries.

Safway Services Named Contractor of the Year by Valero

Based on excellent performance, productivity and safety throughout 2011, which included zero OSHA recordable incidents, Safway Services, LLC has been named the 2011 Large Contractor of the Year at the Valero Benicia Refinery in Benicia, California.

Safway Releases Free White Paper

Safway, a leader in safe, reliable scaffold and access solutions, has released a free white paper on Power Technology.

Safway to Attend Electric Power Conference

Safway Services will be present at the annual Electric Power Conference, between 15 May and 17 May at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland.

NPRA Recognises Safway Services With Safety Awards

The National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA) presented Safway Services with 11 Meritorious Safety Performance Awards at the 2011 NPRA Safety Awards Banquet, held 11 May at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. "To receive 11 safety awards for our work at 11 dif

Safway Services, LLC

Scotia-Glenville Industrial Park

Building 406

Scotia, NY, 12302

United States of America